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    Skith is a high elf who grow up in Lindon with a small family, it was him, his sister and their parents. His early life was as any, peaceful and filled with childish fun, pulling pranks on his sister and adventuring in areas his parents told him not to. His mother tried her hardest to teach him everything she could but Skith would always go on to forget the days studies after going out with his best friend Monlyef. When he reached the age of adulthood Skith decided to try his luck in the world and he went out to Forlond where he spent years doing small jobs at the harbors. He never earned much from this work, barely enough to survive in the city so he decided after seeing the way animals were treated there that he would not live in the city. He moved to the wood where he helped any animals he saw needed it, he did the same with anyone who came in to the forest. People who proved to not share his love for nature were met with dislike and unfriendliness from Skith but he would always be willing to give people a chance.
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