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    Miles was born to a family of merchants at the beginning of the War of the Two Emperors in the who sold various wooden crafted items. From ocarinas to chairs, to tables, to sword Miles’s family could make a vast variety of items. However, Miles always felt that there was more he could do with his life. So he decided to take up blacksmithing from the village blacksmith and train to use a sword. He was not good in the slightest when it came to wielding a sword or a hammer, but he continued to try and try anything to broaden improve his skills. Surprisingly enough, he did manage to craft a few decent swords and gained his own sword fighting style. Though he is far from the best in the world, he still strives to do what he can. He continued this work till he was 18, which he decided to move on from his humble life as a blacksmith to travel the world after hearing about the sudden decree of war on the Federation of Mokh-Urak by the Holy Orenian Empire in the distant lands of Arcas. Miles only got the basics of reasons for the declaration of war, but understood that there are two sides to every story. Due to his family’s merchant lifestyle, various races come and go to their family shop, including Orcs. He has had the time to discuss with some of the traveling orcs about their culture how their desire to protect their clan and tribe is of the upmost importance. Miles wanted to learn more about why this war had broken loose and if there was anything that he could to prevent it from furthering. He and his family were sad to know they were losing their son for a long while, but he promises to return someday. Now Miles travels the land in hopes of helping any and all that he can, hopefully preventing a massive war from continuing any further.
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