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    Nico was born in the Meranesian islands. As the middle child of a family of 6 and the natural lower class of the island. The only education was from his parents every night after helping unload the fish at the dock. As he grew up he found it easier to make friends and be around people. He didn’t really do anything but work once he was of working age but he stopped going out to fish after he almost drowned from a storm that came out of nowhere. After that he decided that he wouldn’t go back to the ocean and he stayed mostly in the rainforests getting lumber for the town only getting a few teeth a day. He kept that routine for a couple of months until he opened his own shop which he sold many things from objects washed up at the shore to fruit to eat. As he sold things he met the many people around the islands and soon thought he had more purpose to his life and so he made the clothes that the mainlanders used and started heading to the cloud temple that he heard of from one of the buyers. And started heading to a new life. And a new adventure.
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