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    Re was born in 1719 in the city Fenn . As a child Re loved hear about the past and heroes. Re was also a dreamer she would dream of things no one would have ever thought of. Any who Re grew up with an older brother (Ron who was two years older) and two parents Mr and Mrs quartz. Re actually almost never got to see her father when she was a child he was mostly away he like going on little adventures. But when Re turned ten her parents split and Re went to live with her father in Haense. Where he fell in love with another woman name Clove who had a Daughter name lunar(who was two years younger) and after a year they got married and Clove and lunar moved into their home. But clove wasn’t a nice woman she would often hurt lunar and compare her to Re. Re didn’t like this so she started arguing with her stepmother every time she did something wrong to lunar cause to her nothing lunar did was ever good enough and yes Re did tell her father of these things clove was doing but of course he didn’t believe her. The problem just kept getting worse to the point where she started to hate Re she would say to get her head out of the clouds and do some work for once. She would put Re and lunar to clean the house this kept happening until Re turned 14 when Re and her sister decided to runaway and find Re’s mother who was a very kind hearted person. The journey was long they had to travel all the way back to Fenn in the northeast of Arcas and once they got there it was even harder to find Re’s mother but they found her near a pond with Re’s older brother cleaning clothes as soon as Re saw them she ran up to them and hugged them it had been four years since she’d seen them and luckily they knew who Re was as soon as they saw her but of course they were shocked. Re told them everything form her dad remarrying to Re and lunar finding them and Re’s mother they took them in and they were finally happy together life felt whole. But when Re turned seventeen Re found out that she know almost nothing about herself and although she loved living with her mother and siblings she needed to go into the world and find herself so one day before Re’s eighteenth birthday she asked her mother this” mother when I turn eighteen may I go out into the world and find myself.” Her mother said” of course honey, your siblings and I will miss you but your free to do as you please when you turn eighteen just be careful and don’t forget to write.” As she gives Re a hug. So one month after Re turned eighteen she set out to find who she was. Make friends and have adventures this is where Re’s story begins
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