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    Barikon Woldchin, Son of Fools, was born in the deepest slum of Kal’Varoth in 1708, to destitute and disgraced members of the Hammerfist Clan. Before his birth, his parents were shunned and disavowed by their Clan for their negligence that directly caused a deadly mine collapse. Barikons parents were not jailed, but were instead socially relegated to the dregs of Dwarven society for kinslaying by proxy. Barikon grew up a bitter child. He felt betrayed by his parents and by fate, being born as an outcast into this situation not of his making. He did not deserve to suffer for his parents’ failures. And so, in the deep, dark mines of Kal’Varoth in 1741, Barikon made a personal vow. He refused to be Barikon, son of fools. He desired wealth, respect, and a glorious legacy to eclipse those of Great Dwarves who came before him like Thorin Grandaxe or Hiebe Irongut. If not through politics or glorious battle, then by achievement of vast wealth alone. Barikon, Son of Fools, shall be the richest dwarf that ever lived. In the spring of 1760, Barikon sold his miners permit and set out for the first time onto the highway. He took with him his pickaxe, a hatchet, and a steel miners helmet. Now he finds himself in the great continent of Arcas, on his lonely road to wealth
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    Barikon Woldchin was born in the deepest slum of Kal'Omith to incredibly poor members of the hammerfist clan.. His parents, Aranaed and Khuril Woldchin, were incredibly poor, and spent long hours toiling in mines. Barikon felt robbed being born into this clan and into this situation, and so he made a vow to one day build his own clan, and build it into the wealthiest and most powerful Dwarven kingdom in all the land. He wanted an empire that stretched for miles. He wanted his name to be remembered for eons to come. He refused to be forgotten to history as just another dwarf miner. He viewed the other Dwarven clans as rivals, as he viewed the situation with the Ironguts as an excommunication, and did not believe that his clan should have been kicked out the way he felt that it was. Barikon was embittered by his lot in life, and made to never be a poor Dwarf again, and to become a powerful Chieftain of his Clan. He desired wealth, power, land, and a glorious legacy to eclipse those of Great Kings like Thorin Grandaxe or Hiebe Irongut. Other Clans are tools one day, rivals the next.When he is not working within his own mines he is venturing out, searching the lands for other large deposits of raw materials to begin mining for his own operation. He begins learning and absorbing every tidbit of information he could about crafting and forging, and wanted to create weapons and armor so beautiful they would make other dawrven weaponry look like toys. Upsets and failures have stunted Barikon's ambitions for more than a century. But now, in Arcas, he sets out on the Kings highway to make his fortune.
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    He was born into a fairly wealthy dwarven family, who were fine craftsmen that built the finest weapons and armor in the land. He began working in the mines at an early age, learning the trades of his family. He took great pride in his work, and was fully prepared to inherit his family’s business when they died. This was until his brother was killed by a small band of thieves who were in possession of a sword he had forged himself. Seeing himself responsible, and now no longer wanting to forge tools of death for a living, he left the only life he had ever known, and lived his life on the road, wanting to rid the world of the weapons he helped to create. He roams the land, searching for Dwarven weapons, collecting all that he finds, stockpiling and reselling them for cheap to hurt the Dwarves’ business. This line of work and this personal crusade obviously puts several massive targets on his back, and so he prefers to keep to himself and mind his business on other matters, preferring to only focus on his mission.
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