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    Originally born in Heshan Cathant, Sando had it pretty good, being an only child with two rich parents. He got the best education money could buy and even had a personal tutor. He paid enough attention to learn basics like how to speak common, but still suffered in school. This was mainly due to a lack of interest and a want for adventure. So at the age of 15 Sando decided to run from home and go to Cunyan moving from job to job and making money wherever he could. He’d eventually become a pottery deliverer around 18 to try and get more stable despite still wanting adventure. This would go on for another 3 years until in a bar he picked up the name of a pirate captain,”Jack Malone” Sando would begin prying for more info and after a year he discovered he was in Oren. Sando immediately begin thinking of a way to get there. He’d eventually sneak his way onto a cargo ship headed there and stowed away until he eventually made it to Orens capital Helena. Once he landed Sando began looking for the nearest bar or place to drink figuring someone there would have seen Malone.
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