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    Vaan lived his life with his mother since that his father was killed by an orc during one of his journeys. He was born in Haelunor and since he was a child he laerned how to combat and specially how use the bow. He lived with his mother until he was 52 years old then, Times ago he decides to leave the other elves and his mother to live a different life , he started to move to other cities or other kingdoms cause he wanted to explore more. During his journey he learned to fight from Humans so he also learned the art of sword in the kingdom of Dale, he also watched without interfering in the battle of Pelennor Fields. After this battles he started to avoid and hate orcs since he saw how really evil they are. he traveled for almost 20 years around the middle-earth and now he’s going to start for a new journey to explore even more all the world, to know new people and to learn even more about other races.
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