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    Shortly after being born the child was left in an alley of the Imperial City of Helena. Soon after, he was found by a group of bandits and taken in. However, this was not out of kindness but with the ill-intent to raise the child to be an efficient tool for the group. He was then immediately marked as a member of the bandits with a cut across his face. And so the other 10 years of the child’s life were spent robbing the market daily, even killing someone in their sleep from time to time, running away from guards and getting beat up by the same bandits he was slaving away for. He lived a miserable life with no name to be known by. Inevitably such a life turned him into quite the wretched thing. He was filled with hatred for all humans since everyone he met just beat him, he trusted no one and was trusted by no one. Such a life he led as a small child. But one day, shortly after turning 10, as soon as he grabbed a pouch of minae from a nearby stand he felt a hard and painful “thunk” on his head and when he turned around he saw what seemed to be a priest of the Church of the Canon wielding a wooden club: “Now now, that isn’t nice is it kid?” said the priest and started dragging away the kid after returning the pouch to the stall keep. The kid protested loudly, kicking and hitting in all directions, like a wild animal, fearing of what punishment was to come. However, to his surprise after being dragged to a room the priest took care of his bleeding head and gave him food. The kid looked at him with distrust and hatred in his eyes but that only made the priest chuckle: “What’s your name? asked the priest. The kid only returned silence. “I see. I will then assume you don’t have one. Hmmm. Your name will be Thomas then. Don’t ask why but if you really want a reason then it’s after High Patriarch Thomas I. Not that you know who he is” as he laughed heartily. This mans kindness was a very sudden change for the kid now known simply as Thomas since all his life he was only shown cruelty by the people around him. Confused and cautious at what his life is going to become he felt a slight stinging at the top of his head. Of course his old care takers soon noticed his absence an went out to look for him and to their luck they found Thomas walking around with the Father one day (that’s how he wanted to be called when Thomas asked). The bandits threatened the Father to give the kid back however he kept his calm demeanor throughout and once things got violent he put down the bandits in swift motions with the same club he hit Thomas with. After being protected by someone for the first time in his life Thomas started slowly but surely trusting this priest and couldn’t help but wonder who was Father but he wasn’t willing to tell about himself to the child, when posed with a question he always answered “Well, I’m just a kind priest who likes helping children in trouble like yourself” and laughed in the same way he did when they first met. Thus, Thomas lived out his other half of life with the Father: learning a couple things about the world and training to protect himself from his past friends. Thomas knew only a couple of things about Father besides him being a priest: he was a soldier, he came here from a faraway land called Atlas and he took part in the War of the Two Emperors, he protected the city during the Siege of Helena. All of this was hard for Thomas to image since he was not even alive during that time. So slowly but surely Thomas changed from a scared cold child to someone who looked up to Father and can smile from time to time. The Fathers warmth must have been rubbing off on him. He learned to joke about his past and get a good laugh out. After all Father always said it’s easier to face challenges with a smile rather then a frown. Thomas started dreaming of becoming a priest just like Father even though that came with the price of becoming a soldier too since he was plenty capable. The Father did not like the idea however who was he to stop an energetic child. However, just as all bad things come to an end so do good ones. One day after coming back from the market Thomas found a note on the table saying “Hey Tom, sorry for leaving like this but seems like this old man is once again needed in battle. I’ll try to be back as soon as possible so don’t cause trouble”. Thomas scratched his head in distress trying to calm down joking in his mind that the old man will bash everyone’s skulls in like he did to Toms and come back with a smile. But the old man never came back. The fear and helplessness he constantly felt when he was a child started to come back to him. He ran around town asking everyone where Father went but no one would help him. When he asked the priest at the Church for help he pushed Thomas away with disgust in his face. Thomas was filled with various emotions ranging from sadness to confusion and anger. Soon the bandits showed up. Thomas exhausted and helpless was ruthlessly beaten up and taken away. Having lost all hope he let himself be locked up. He hung up on chains for who knows how long until he felt a weird stinging at the top of his head and came back to his wits. He immediately started looking for a way to escape. It wasn’t soon but one day another prisoner was brought into the bandits jail. It was a frail girl about the same age as him. After a couple hours one of the bandits came in and said “Well well, seems like the raid today brought in quite the loot. I think the guys won’t mind if I start first”. The bandit unlocked and swung open the gate as he jumped on the girl. Thomas was waiting for a chance just like this. He had already unlocked the shackles at his feet but broke the picks so he just needed to get through the gate at some point. The moment was now but he hesitated. He could help the girl, he could do it but he might loose this chance. Should he risk it and be a hero? After debating with himself he heard other bandits coming down the stairs. He couldn’t do it. He dashed for the back exit leaving the girl behind for whatever horrible fate would befall her. He fled as fast as he could from the city crying his eyes out all the way until he was outside the walls, the Fathers words ringing in his head: “Now now, that isn’t nice is it kid?”. After running for a while, he stopped. He was safe. He should be happy but he was crying. Why? If it was the old him, before he met the Father, he would have been overjoyed to have escaped those horrible bandits by whatever means possible. But he felt guilty. He could have helped someone like himself but didn’t. Why? Because he was weak in mind and body. He could have tried saving her and dying in the end but he at least he wouldn’t have to live with this regret. “Cut me some slack will you?” he thought to himself as he wiped away his tears and forced an obviously fake smile as he ventured forth into the horizon maybe to atone, maybe to survive but “next time...” he thought “next time I’m going to do the right thing”.
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