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    Born in Curon, Father was a Drunk, in debt, and was abusive to Wade. So Wade ran away to get a better life away from his father. Before he left he asked his four siblings to come with him but all of them were to scared of their father to go with Wade, so he ran away by himself. After two weeks of living on the streets and struggling to find food each day, Wade stumbled into a pirate captain named Gorham ‘Gentle Heart’ Trixter who raised him as his own while commanding his crew. When Gorham died of scurvy, Wade took over the command of the crew and ship as Gorham’s will stated. So Wade donned Gorham’s coat and took command of the ship. For three years Wade sailed the seas with his crew, although he failed to successfully raid a ship. Even after all of his crew showed him basic fishing boats to start out with, Wade stubbornly continued to go after larger cargo ships. When Wade turned 18 years old he was sailing to Sutica for ship repairs, but got in a ship wreck and lost all of his crew and the ship... He was the only survivor, and now his goal is to assemble a new crew on a ship and take over the seas as a powerful and feared pirate captain.
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