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  1. @monkeypoacher Congratulations, you broke the curse. Let's see, you were the person who got me into Helena, and you offering me a cartography job made me stick there. (I forced someone else to walk around to make the maps though) I paid them only a fraction of what I got in profits. So basically, you gave the opportunity to learn what the flying **** I was doing. And you didn't really know it, congratulations. You play chess anyway?
  2. You just described Real-life Democracy.
  3. I can rightfully say that my sleep schedule was destroyed after 5 Weeks. I responded to an action within hours. With it most commonly being a 30 Minute wait. I tried to combine both quality and quantity and succeeded at the expense of myself. I am planning more. Had around 12 or so players, and a few wars.
  4. It concluded a few weeks ago, it has shown me much better ways of handling these and to make them even more enjoyable for future ones. So skill issue.
  5. Who? Biggest bruh moment?
  6. It's a two-edged sword, if you kill them then you have given no narrative, while at the same time ensuring there's no way you can be caught if there were no witnesses. If you don't kill them but injure them severely then their persona could potentially be crippled, something that the receiving player might not want, but narrative would then be added.
  7. MC Name: Bellegarde Discord: Peralien#8586 Image: Description of Image: Coat of arms of Bellegarde Dimensions: 1x1
  8. I believe I remember over a year ago of Polysemic taking that picture, I'm not in it, was behind him but I saw it, possibly Figura when looking at the mod list.
  9. Jackalopes, Martlets', and Roses (A Background Summary) Peralien was born in the year 1752 SA to a blind and deranged mother in Haelun’or in the Dead Isle of Arcas. She does not remember her name, her face, or her voice. And there was a horrifying lack of a father figure. Once she considered herself old enough, perhaps around the age of 23, she walked out of the Haelun’or walls and never returned to the city again. Her destination was the Wildlands, wanting to keep to herself. She, however, did break her own promise of not interacting with anything about Haelun’or, by taking its ship to Almaris. Upon her landing to Almaris, she found an opportunity working for a man named Antonio De Medina, who was the Baron of a Sutican Vassal called Osanora. Work was easy and fair and was not stressful in any way to her. However, her desire for chaos led to her being fired, causing her to go up to the lands of Vortice, and work for a man named Jakob Castington in his County of Selestia, a vassal and dependent of Talon’s Port. She worked as a Minister until the polity was abolished by the Vortisian Government. Now, she moved to the city of Talon’s Port, now called Vortice. And used her savings to buy a very nice home. Peralien did not understand what lead to the circumstances that had Vivian Maelstorm, the Monarch of Vortice to adopt her. Making Peralien a Princess of Vortice. Of course, all good things must come to an end. Rumors of slandering the Haense Crown and a impending ultimatum from Haense caused Peralien to be banished from Vortice and thusly disowned. The events that followed were all a blur, to Haelun’or, and then finally the lands of Sarissa, in the now Commonwealth of Sutica. She found the saving grace of a man named William Buckfort, the Count of Sarissa. He shielded Peralien from any person wishing to have her head, in exchange for the promise that she does not commit any crime or act of violence. Sarissa then came Rozania upon the people of the land fleeing from Sutica to establish its own independent land on the Northern Section of Almaris. Peralien would become a Knight of the Jackalope Order, and acquire the title of Lady, through a mixture of pure minae and keeping her promise of not murdering people. Although being a Knight thus meant she had to fullfill a military role, which she did during the Sacking of Rozania, where her legs were broken with a warhammer by the hands of Savoyards and Sedanians. She would fortunately be healed by a person with a form of Healing Magic, bending her broken bones and fixing her flesh in quick time. Eventually however William Buckfort abdicated from his position in Rozania, he left two people in charge to manage Rozania, Eliza Raven and Nadia Buckfort. His abdication also left several vacancies in the Rozanian Government, allowing Peralien to secure her position as Marshall and head of the KAR, the Rozanian Army. Her position did not see any use, as Rozania did not experience anymore conflict until it’s quiet collapse. When Rozania was dying, Peralien brought as many people with her as she could and bought a very considerably large area of land in Urguan, and founded the Barony of Pinemaw, which seeked to mirror as much of Rozania as possible without directly calling itself Rozania. This polity lasted until Peralien defected during the War of the Wigs, being offered a deal she couldn’t refuse by Oren, to be settled and receive land in an area surrounded by Elves. (During the years the population of Pinemaw slowly changed from Original Rozanians to Elves of different backgrounds.) However, Peralien funding her technical bloodless nephew, James Maelstorm, to overthrow Vortice from Jusima hands caused her to be removed from power, and the coup attempt of Vortice failed as well. The rest happened too fast and isn’t well worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things, but the last stretch of her life is a home in Lurin, and work as a Mercenary to a small Company in Norland. (Passing) Peralien knew where she was going, and she knew what would happen to her. She wanted to go to one thing that was familiar to her, Vortice. It would take several days of constant travel by Horseback, but it was worth getting there. Finally, she made it there, and stood at its empty gates, withdrawing an Old Sword, engraved with icons of Jackalopes, Martlets, and Roses. Before then speaking what would perhaps be her last ever spoken sentence. "I have caused a great tragedy by ruining lives and killing others. I have both threatened that I would and promised that I wouldn’t for what I am about to do. Send my apologizes to Lenora Jusima, and send my concern to any remaining Maelstorm.” Peralien would then fall on her own blade, and thus, the person who tried to do so much, either good or bad, yet failed to achieve what she really wanted, forgiveness and tolerance for her unforgivable actions spanning 153 Years, was dead. (Name & Titles) Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius, Former Princess of Vortice, Former Countess & Baroness of Pinemaw, 1st Gwaithor of the Pinemaw Domain, Former Lord-Protector of Rozania, Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, Dame of the Jackalope Order, The Chaotic, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, The Pumpkin of Rozania, 3rd Marshall of the KAR, Knife of Rozania.
  10. Another testament to why Resource Pits were ahead of it's time and then casted into the darkness.
  11. The Rosecoast Welcome to the land of Rosecoast, a homebrewed fantasy faction’s RP run through Discord. The year is 1716 of the Baron’s Flower or the several other calendars that are used all throughout Rosecoast. Rosecoast is a shattered land, and despite their advances in firearms, having quickly invented the Matchlock in record speed within the last decade and its very quick adoption, around half of the land is uncolonized, or in other words, controlled by Inferior savages. Yet still, innovation in anything, from Firearms to potentially later the steam engine can be done. You can do about anything, although let’s say that not all ideas are good, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing it. OOC: Well this is my first time attempting something like this, but I have complete faith in myself that I can make my best attempt. If anyone is interested in joining, all it takes is by adding me on discord or using the server invite. I have all the mechanics written out, and all of the lore is on there too. If you have never tried a Forum Roleplay, it doesn't matter. I was just like you, and me and others will be more than glad to help you. My Discord: Peralien#8586 Server Invite: https://discord.gg/pFZZJuWNRB
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