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  1. This is a Mali’dissapointment

    1. Urara


      new elven subrace: disappointments


      apply today!

  2. This is depressing, just why? I understand why you remove some other things, but just why? Why must you make us suffer Story Team, Why must you make us suffer more pain than we already have in these past months? W H Y ? (also this isn’t a meme, don’t hurt me mod team)
  4. OOC: Do not reply unless you received a letter or were shown it, [!] Simon Adele Mercer would wipe his bloody-tears off with a Handkerchief, he looked around his desk spotting several items, a Dagger, Paper, and a quill. Suddenly he pick up his quill, dip it in ink, and start writing. [!] A Note to Aeline & Gail Cordius ”To Aeline & Gail Cordius. I was wrong with what I did all of those years ago, I murdered innocent lives and ruined innocent people, I’m telling you the truth, Aeline, the tears that I cried that were bloody, were the event of extreme depression and a disorder which I’ve had for my entire life. Gail, You have been a pain since 1773, and I have one thing for you. Never speak of any of my wrong-doings.” [!] A Note to Harper Mercer ”To Harper Mercer. How are you? are you fine? I’ve you get this letter, I just want you to know that I am dead, my actions have finally got the best of me, I wish you well in your life.” [!] A Note to Athri Belrose ”To Athri Belrose. So, how are you? I just want you to know that I am dead.. You know that Dark Elf Child you found on your doorstep? I gave it to you, not because I wanted to abandon a child... But Because I trusted you for caring for her.” [!] A Note to Kallian Syrivir ”To Kallian Syrivir. You protected Asteria from me, and I thank you for that. Just never think of me again.” [!] A Note to Nói ”To Nói. Hello, I don’t know if this will reach you, but I’ll be quick.. I am dead, I wish your best of life, I will no-longer be able to help you.” [!] A Note to Asteria Heatheri “To Asteria Heatheri. How are you, I hope your doing well, I’m not. But please, don’t worry about me, for I am gone now, Enjoy your time in the Grotto.” [!] A Note to Crystal “To Crystal. Hello, I’ve met you ever since I’ve came to the Grotto, and I would like to thank you for your help. However, I have one warning for you. DO NOT, Join the Redfist’s they are criminals and hunters.” [!] A Note to Annabelle Kelmenour It also includes a Drawing of Simon and Annabelle (Wholesome) ”To Annabelle Kelmenour. If you are reading this, I want you to know, I am offically dead. Please, I wish your life to be better than mine was, and I would like to thank you for nominating me for Lord Mayor last Mayoral Election. You have truly been my greatest friend, do not give up like how I did...” [!] Finally, Simon would slowly grab the sharpened Dagger, kneel to the floor, put it up to his neck, his breaths getting tighter and tighter, him starting to cry blood again. Then he would slowly whisper. “Goodbye World...” he would say, as he stabbed his neck, him dropping to the floor and with his breaths getting slower, finally his body could relax, as he felt the sweet release of death... OOC: Extra Notes I’d like to thank you all for making my time on Simon one of the best I’ve experienced, thank you. I’ll see you on my new persona’s.
  5. Pretty Neat, little worried about Minas but we will adapt. maybe if Helena would stop having so much on tax I wouldn’t have to rely on votes.
  6. I would kick their ass but they are too pure to fight.
  7. Entry 1- Simon is Blind, drunk, over heated, and now has collapsed from exhaustion.

  8. Mom, pick me up i’m scared323217801_avern.PNG.57b00c7111b5ed4d2a0db4e30db475c9.PNG

  9. I hate it here.

  10. Avern would look at the poster in Sutica, not giving a flying f*ck he just walks away.
  11. I upvoted or else Jolfery would guillotine me.
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