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  1. Bruh, I was near the Thalor Wildlands settlement a bit ago, I'm gonna go cry now.
  2. UNO | LOTC Edition! The 'Simp' Card. I'll keep it quite simple with what the 'Simp' Card does. For example, let's say this divine creature which I'll call 'Tanith' has committed simping. Using this card on someone CLOCKWISE of you and they will automatically declared simp in Almaris and Arcas. 'Simps' are a legal term where anyone who falls under this category can get hit on the head with a frying pan without any legal punishments from the aggressor. The 'F*ck You' Card. This card... Is HELL! Let me explain what this card means, this cute disgusting rat on the card right here is a Elf. Her named is 'Aeline Cordius' Pretty ugly I know. She's gonna mess your day up, use this card on a victim playing the game that is CLOCKWISE from you, and they have to draw 420 Cards. The 'Sutica Good, Oren Bad, Norland has way to many Vassals, Magic Homework' Card The 'Sutica Good, Oren Bad, Norland has way to many Vassals, Magic Homework' Card is quite simple and unique. Instead of using it on someone else, you use it on yourself! Taking away 4 useless cards, getting you closer to the 'UNO' The 'LOTC Reverse' Card The 'LOTC Reverse' Card is when if someone attacks you, you are freely able to use this card. Best to combat against power-gaming or when you just don't want to get your ass beat by a idiot. (This applies to both of these fools in the 'LOTC Reverse' Card.) So smack them on the head or yeet them into a trashcan or something.. I spent way to much time on this...
  3. Peralien Mirthsense silently views the missive, walking away to get a dagger.
  4. A Gay Dwarf walks with a handful of other fools. 2 of them carrying a cart full of dead people. While he is banging some triangular piece of metal with a rod. Shouting aside it with "BRING OUT YE' DEAD!"
  5. Peralien Mirthsense doesn't know what the hell he is witnessing.
  6. Holy Cow, how can 4 simple words make this a popular post?
  7. Who's been necroposting this... @FakeNotic that's enough. -smacc-
  8. A water Molecule itself is not wet, but once two water molecules or more come into contact, it is wet.
  9. Depends how I'm feeling, if I want some magic intense stuff, Harry Potter, but LOTR is for when I want some fantasy going.
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