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  1. [!] A note is scrawled in the messy handwriting of a twelve year old. Attached is a drawing of one of the dresses for sale. Ingrid's Seamstress Stall is open at Square Stall #6 in Varhelm! Full Outfits: 50-100 mina To order an outfit from the stall, come find Ingrid in Varhelm!
  2. IGN Name: incalescent_ Discord: ambretta#5052 IRP Name: Cecile de la Baltas Which audition date (1st or 2nd)? 1st
  3. A Norlandic woman rested in her bed, complexion pallid and sweat beading on her brow. She was almost unrecognizable from the youthful woman she used to be. In her life, she had always been friendly. In her teens, seen working at the tavern and later on seen around the capital in the company of friends. Though time took its toll on her, the once strong woman feeling weaker and weaker as time went by. Her breath would be uneasy, taking a toll on her after a few steps, and even the slightlest illness would keep her bedridden. Estelle Ambrose would pass at the age of 36, stress and illness brea
  4. Estelle couldn't help the tears forming in her eyes as she read over the letter from Alli. Her voice was shaky, trying not to let the sobs escape with her words, "I'll make yeh proud Ma. I promise. I'll try my damn best. Rest well." She wiped at her eyes in an attempt to force the tears away. Estelle stored the letter away, it was time for her to help Leumont and keep her ma's name remembered.
  5. Character name: Cecile de la BaltasAge: 17Username: incalescent_Discord: ambretta#5052Part you want: Candyland Dancer
  6. Cécile de la Baltas looks at the paper with excited eyes, reading it out to her parents before signing herself up for the exchange. IRP NAME: Cécile de la Baltas DISCORD: ambretta#5052 IRP AGE: 16 THREE IDEAS: Clothing, anything relating to dancing (specifically ballet), dolls
  7. https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ambretta/ Welcome to my skin auction! Payment for these will be taken through PayPal, as that is all that I have. CLOSED Rules: - Please don't edit comments, I'll ignore them if you do. - Bidding starts at $5, increasing by a $1 at a minimum. - I won't be holding skins, so please be able to pay ASAP. Bid format: Discord Skin & Bid Skins: These are all female skins as I'm still learning to do male skins, so you can commission me if you'd like for a male skin. If you have any questions, dm
  8. Estelle Ambrose reads the letter with a smile, happy that her mother has married the man she loves. She wished she could have attended, but instead begins a letter in return to Alli in congratulations.
  9. incalescent


    Elysande was born to a family of Heartlanders in the Holy Oren Empire’s capital city of Helena. Her family was not considered rich by any means, but they had enough to feed themselves and give the children a decent education. Her family was also only mildly religious, they did believe in Canonism but they didn’t practice it. Elysande was born to Ailen de Servian and Daralis Bourdekin, the oldest of four children. Her father was a travelling merchant and her mother was a seamstress, them teaching her the necessary skills for both trades in case she decided to follow in their footsteps. Elysande
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