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  1. Cecile Baelius was silent at the news, she had never gotten to meet her father-in-law. Even with what she had heard, she wished him luck in the seven skies. Her grandmother-in-law and grandfather-in-law had told her about how Basil was, tears coming to her eyes as she thought about Adryana. She frowned, not being able to be with her husband as his father passed. It only furthered her hope for him to come back soon, getting up from her chair to clean the house in hope of Caspian returning.
  2. Renee de Falstaff peers at the missive after it was handed to her by her brother, murmuring to herself, "This. . certainly will be interesting."
  3. The young elfess peered at the chickens from where she stood at her Evar'lae's side, Tali'lora speaking up to query, "Why are they fat? Do you think they could make a good pet?" Her second question was more curiousity than anything.
  4. IGN: incalescent_/kalopsia_/solivagant_ Category: Skinning Artwork: [X] Mayilu'fiyem (planetminecraft.com)
  5. yes! i'll dm you on discord!
  6. hello hello! i am here to do an ooc skin shop! these will be flat priced at $5 with $2 extra for reshades/wanting a different color. i'll be adding these as i make them and i will be editing when they are sold. after all of them have sold i will delete the comments claiming them and make new skins! have any questions? dm me at ❛ mars ❜#5052 on discord! FEMALE SKINS Orange and Cream Silver and Blue Sarafan
  7. IGN: incalescent_ SKIN/S: Soft Spring DISCORD: ambretta#5052 BID: 80
  8. IGN: incalescent_ SKIN/S: Soft Spring DISCORD: ambretta#5052 BID: 60
  10. hello hello! i decided to do a skin auction of some skins i recently made and a few i made a bit ago! rules: - please don't edit your post, i will ignore it - this is a mixed auction, so minimum bids will be 5USD and 10 mina - increase bidding for USD by 1 and mina by 5 have any questions? dm me on discord at ambretta#5052! my pmc is https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ambretta/ onto the skins! note that these are all female skins, but if you would like a male skin feel free to dm me about commissioning one! NOTE: my screenshots were not wo
  11. [!] A note is scrawled in the messy handwriting of a twelve year old. Attached is a drawing of one of the dresses for sale. Ingrid's Seamstress Stall is open at Square Stall #6 in Varhelm! Full Outfits: 50-100 mina To order an outfit from the stall, come find Ingrid in Varhelm!
  12. IGN Name: incalescent_ Discord: ambretta#5052 IRP Name: Cecile de la Baltas Which audition date (1st or 2nd)? 1st
  13. A Norlandic woman rested in her bed, complexion pallid and sweat beading on her brow. She was almost unrecognizable from the youthful woman she used to be. In her life, she had always been friendly. In her teens, seen working at the tavern and later on seen around the capital in the company of friends. Though time took its toll on her, the once strong woman feeling weaker and weaker as time went by. Her breath would be uneasy, taking a toll on her after a few steps, and even the slightlest illness would keep her bedridden. Estelle Ambrose would pass at the age of 36, stress and illness brea
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