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    Elysande was born to a family of Heartlanders in the Holy Oren Empire’s capital city of Helena. Her family was not considered rich by any means, but they had enough to feed themselves and give the children a decent education. Her family was also only mildly religious, they did believe in Canonism but they didn’t practice it. Elysande was born to Ailen de Servian and Daralis Bourdekin, the oldest of four children. Her father was a travelling merchant and her mother was a seamstress, them teaching her the necessary skills for both trades in case she decided to follow in their footsteps. Elysande took care of her siblings when she wasn’t learning her parents’ trades and helping them study. Her education was mostly from tutors that her parents hired when they were too busy. Through her tutors, she learned about the history of Oren and the empires that came before it such as the Empire of Man. She also studied maps to learn the geography of Arcas. After Elysande was done with her education, she decided to stay with her parents until she was almost 27. Elysande’s childhood was full of adventures, she occasionally got to travel around Arcas with her father as he sold textiles. Her friendships were few and frequent, only being able to keep in contact with close friends and her siblings through letters. Her goal as she leaves her family was to explore the world and see what life brings to her, she loves adventure and wishes to see the world for as long as she can.
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