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  1. Aper Adolescens Requiescit 22nd of the Sun’s Smile 1883 β™ͺ Charles of Rivia, 3rd Viscount of Rivia, 4th Baron of Rivia, commander of the Watch and Protector of the Rivian people Arriving at the Castle of Kaer Coch the Rivian Lord was greeted by his dutiful levymen. Making his way through the red fortress to his dining hall Charles was in the peak of his life despite the grief he felt for his late father, Philip of Rivia, evermore weighing upon the Lord. The power of all of Rivia at his fingertips had no doubt corrupted the man’s mind. Known by his enemies as a bastard and torturer, perhaps such slander was not unfounded. The Lord sat idle in his grand hall surrounded by few. Making idle chatter with the handful of levymen on guard, the Lord poured himself a drink in an attempt to pay little mind to the war at hand. His eyes fixated upon the sprawling collection of severed elven ears hanging adjacent to him. Barbaric in nature, the young Viscount never relented in his obsession with cleansing the realm. Lord Charles’ moment of reflection was interrupted by commotion amongst his watchmen. Upon climbing the stairs to the battlements of his fortress the Viscount was greeted by the sight of the fluttering red and black banners of an Acrean host demanding entry, at its head the famed Sir Gustaf De Vilain. The Lord exhaled deeply calling for his squire as he descended the steep stairs to the innards of the red keep. Equipped with an assortment of alchemical concoctions the plate clad Rivian departed to treat with the Acreans. Leaving his levymen to guard the pass, the Lord escorted Ser Gustaf deep into the bowels of the Rivian fortress, Charles near blissfully unaware of the horror he will soon subject himself to. In near solitude deep within the Castle the two men argued. As time passed the Viscount found himself reaching for a bottle filled with an unknown concoction. Intent on ending the rebellion with one fell swoop the Rivian flung said potion towards the man soon after the dining hall was set aflame, Sir Gustaf barely scratched by such an attempt. The Rivian Lord ducked behind the flames reaching for yet another potion, suffering from burns painting the man’s face with red the Viscount yelled. It seemed not long after the Rivian’s call was heeded as echoes of a charge of footsteps could be heard piercing the air of the ablaze hall. It was not long until the doors were burst open yet no Rivian was to be seen. Coming to the aid of Sir Gustaf was his host, at its head Darius Romstun, Seaxburh of Arichsdorf and Charles’ own aunt Aloisia 'the Kinslayer'. Lord Charles was no match for the Acreans which soon filled the incandescent hall. Tossing all manner of flaming furniture and alchemical concoctions at the horde, the Rivian, like a cornered beast, began to lash out sporadically. While achieving some minor gains he could not hold. Soon enough the Bastard Lord was fatigued and slumped. In one final strike the Lord drew his Stiletto from his belt thrusting it forth to little avail. In due time the Rivian was defeated. Unwilling to yield, the command of execution would be given, and he was slain by Darius and Seaxburh. And thus another chapter of the Viscounty of Rivia ended. Marmoream se relinquere, quam latericiam accepisset.
  2. Lord Charles of Rivia read the missive before him shaking his head. The Galbraith then moved to peer out of his window smirking as his riders departed from Rivia towards the ruins of Vuillermoz to finish what should have been snuffed out at the end of the Brothers' War.
  3. A smaller map with just more realistic terrain. Seeing trees near double the size of city walls in some cases is actually ridiculous. I want to see more hills and less stupidly large mountains or other terrain features.
  4. Lord Charles of Rivia applauds the brilliant work of the Novellen-Aldersberg.
  5. A RIVIAN WITHDRAWAL To His Majesty, the King of Oren, Despite our ties with the Acrean men in the solidification of the Accord of the First Harvest, we are displeased to see that it has been used as a method for the heir of Acre to subvert his country, despite the Privy Council’s already solidified attempts at creating peace. Given this, we would like to solidify our loyalty and prosperity towards the Kingdom of Oren. The Viscounty of Rivia hereby withdraws from the Accord of First Harvest. The Right Honourable, Philip Rupert Galbraith, Viscount of Rivia,
  6. Lord Charles of Rivia raises a brow somewhat disgruntledly "Im sure both of the Balianites that are still there are very angry at that dagger ear."
  7. Charles of Rivia continues to clean the dirt between his nails with his fine dagger peering up for a moment "Oh no! Anyways..."
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