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  1. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith smiles as he peers towards the formation of new soldiers "God Save His Majesty Philip II."
  2. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith smiles "I love Yong Ping!!!"
  3. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith frowns "I do hope these Ireheart fellows repent for their misguided actions. For that is the least they can do."
  4. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith smiles as he peered towards his dutiful heir "Dare I say this is a momentous occasion!"
  5. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith proudly applauds the marriage of the two, he moves to ride to Rivia to congratulate his son in person.
  6. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith applauds the wedding of the two.
  7. Discord username: You know it fella Ever played a Discord/Forum rp before? yes Favourite Sci-fi book or story? Halo or Star Wars I suppose
  8. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith postpones his paperwork to practice for a try out with the Providence Vigilants.
  9. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith frivolously practices his shooting with the hope of trying out for the team before going off court to take a sip from his Providence Vigilants Water Bottleβ„’.
  10. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith mourns the death of his former commanding Officer "It was a damn pleasure to work under such a brilliant individual. A true shame to see the man go."
  11. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith frowns deeply as he scanned the missive turning to his steadfast Sergeant Holy Sir Hieran Melphaestus "We shall not falter in the defence of the Citizens of the Empire. The criminals who wish harm upon you shall meet the sharp edge of our sabre." @bufffsanta
  12. The 3rd Brigade "The Helena Dragoons" Summary The 3rd Brigade is a professional and well equipped mounted force tasked with completing specialised operations on behalf of His Imperial Majesty. The Brigade prides itself on utmost discipline and professionalism, two qualities which are vital considering the nature of the operations the Brigade undertakes. -------------------------I------------------------- The Brigade β€œA Squadron of Dragoons guarding the Imperial Palace during a Court Session Circa 1820” The 3rd Brigade, Helena Dragoons, is a cavalry brigade a part of the Imperial State Army. The 3rd is separated from the other Brigades within the 1st Regiment as it specialises in mounted cavalry and scouting roles. It is predominantly located in the surrounding area to the Capital of the Empire, Providence and the locality around Fort Linnord. Dragoons are essentially mounted infantry, thus can perform on horseback and off horseback. Many regard the 3rd Brigade as one of the proudest Brigades within the Imperial State Army, holding a rich history of successful Officers and Enlistedmen alike. A large number of the Generals of the ISA have originated from the 3rd Brigade bringing the traditions and practices of the Brigade with them. A 3rd Brigadier prides itself on its appearance and military tradition, often surpassing in appearance, display and formality compared to their counterparts in the other Brigades in the 1st Regiment. It is paramount that soldiers of the 3rd display themselves in the best of fashion and hold themselves high esteems and gentlemanly behaviour. They’re to be shining examples of humanity’s greatest. The uniform of a soldier of the 3rd is an achievement to be worn. It symbolises the triumph and progression of humanity and should be worn with respect and grace at all times. There are few alterations that are deemed acceptable. -------------------------II------------------------- Lieutenant Billets β€œSir Peter d'Arkent leading a formation of 3rd Brigadiers during the Battle of Rubern Circa 1756” Master of the Horse- This is a specialist role which contains vital roles that are of importance within the 3rd. These include all matters connected to the horses, stables, coachouses, studs, mews and kennels. They have overbearing control of these areas and can see fit to assign enlisted personnel to manage them under his/her command. The Billet controls the Logistical element of the Brigade ensuring that all members of the unit are well supplied, fed and equipped. Master of the Vanguard- The control of the Vanguard is a crucial role within the 3rd that all officers aim to serve at some point during their career. The Lieutenant is in charge of the Vanguard, assigning missions to the scouts and overall planning of the Vanguard advancements in warfare. They also deal with the fresh Privates from the Combat Academy, turning them into effective dismounted scouts for the Vanguard and Brigade. Master of the School- The Lieutenant that holds this role, oversees the Horse Training School and works closely with the Master of the stable to enable Privates/Ensigns to gain their own horse. He/she provides classes for the training and has the final sway in whether the private completes his trials. -------------------------III------------------------- Sub-units β€œA Sergeant of the 31st Reconnaissance Section during the Battle of Outer Arentania Circa 1821” The 31st Reconnaissance Section- The 31st Reconnaissance Section is a new component service of the 3rd Brigade responsible for the duties formerly occupied by Vanguard occupation. This new organization serves as the main Scouting organization for the 3rd Helena Dragoons, and is used by the Intelligence services of the Empire for military operations regarding action behind enemy lines.This Section is operated and led by the Master of the Vanguard and reports directly to the holder of said billet. The 1st Cavalier Section- is a new unit within the 3rd brigade. The Section was originally created under the permissions of General William Darkwood and under the leadership of Sergeant Varlam var Ruthern. The Section acts as medium-heavy cavalry, trained to shatter front lines at speed and with discipline, whilst following a specialty honor code derived from the original Code of Chivalry. -------------------------IV------------------------- Specialisations β€œSir Robert Archibald Galbraith shortly after the Battle of Outer Arentania Circa 1821” Scout- As the starting rank of the Master of the Vanguard Billet scouts provide the backbone of the 31st Reconnaissance Section. Heavily drilled in the methods of camouflage and physical fitness these scouts are the fastest Dragoons you’ll never see. Assistant- Assistants are the trainees who wish to aim for the Master of the School Billet. They help out in training and general organisation of the Brigade. Cavallier- A role that specialises in shock and awe , the Cavaliers fill the role of heavy cavalry dealing high damage to the enemy in terms of both morale and physical; these specialised forces are localised within the 1st Cavalier section. Musician- Musicians are ceremonial roles within the 3rd Brigade. They’re the individuals that ride the drum horses of the Brigade and play musical instruments used in parades. They play a vital role within the brigade by maintaining the beat of the march when the 3rd goes onto parade. Stablehand- These individuals work under the Master of the Horse in maintaining the stables for the 3rd Brigade and the rest of the brigade. They are event stable hands within the Helena stable or work in the stud farms in the crownlands. Farrier- Farriers combine veterinary knowledge with blacksmiths' skills. They are responsible for hoof trimming and fitting horseshoes to horses. They also deal with the humane dispatch of wounded and sick horses, accomplished with the large spike on the end of their axes. Then they use the sharp blade of the axe to chop off the deceased animal's hoof, which is marked with its regimental number. This assists in keeping track of animals killed in action. Farriers are few of the Imperial State Army billets that use axes in warfare. Farrier’s are distinguished by their black plumes, instead of white. Example of a Farrier Axe, distinguished by the pike to the rear head of the axe blade. Master of the Sabre- A role that can be held by any member of the 3rd Brigade. The Master of the Sabre is the role given for the best fighter within the 3rd. They have excelled at combat and have been chosen especially by the Captain of the Brigade. It is a predominantly ceremonial role. Upon elevation to said role they are gifted a fine ornate saber only used during ceremonies. -------------------------V------------------------- Notable Captains β€œA section of 3rd Brigadiers rushing to the defence of Fort Linnord Circa 1830” Sir Peter Baldwin D’Arkent- Peter Baldwin enlisted as an Ensign in the Imperial State Army prior to the creation of the Cadet program. d'Arkent exceeded expectations through his earlier career which led him to be granted the creation of the 3rd Brigade; Helena Dragoons of the Imperial State Army which he took the Captain rank of. Under his command, he led the 3rd Brigade to many victories throughout the empire, most notably the Battle of Boomhill. His victories gained him a strong reputation throughout the Holy Orenian Empire & eventually it gained him a knighthood. Sir William Darkwood- William Darkwood enlisted in the ISA as a Recruit working his way up to the rank of Lieutenant under Sir Peter Baldwin D’Arkent serving as the Master of the Vanguard. In this role he led high risk scouting and material collection missions in order to gain vital materials and intelligence for the ISA. William led many operations during the inferi war many of these being incredibly high risk and combat heavy. This daring sense of strength and guile warranted the young Lieutenant the promotion to Captain and then later General of the ISA. Jacquelyn Cenobia- Jacquelyn Cenobia was conscripted into the ISA after fighting for the Cheloveks during the Rubern war, switching her association to the ISA and slowly working her way up to the rank of Lieutenant where she worked diligently in the role of the Master of the School until she reached the rank of Captain around the age of 45 to replace William Darkwood. From there, she worked on maintaining the 3rd Brigade's activity and morale in which she excelled at, staffing the billets with experienced and professional Officers largely boosting the capability of the Brigade. -------------------------VI------------------------- Notable Battles β€œA lone 3rd Brigadier on patrol during the Sutican Civil War Circa 1834” The Battle of Rubern- The Battle of Rubern was the final major skirmish of The Rubern War in which Orenian forces led by Captain Peter d'Arkent & Lieutenant Octavian Vimmark-Roussard engaged a growing alliance force on the eastern borders of The Empire. The battle lasted for approximately two hours & gained The Holy Orenian Empire a decisive victory over The Alliance of Independent States. During this Battle then Captain Peter Baldwin D’Arkent led a crushing Cavalry charge against the lines of the AIS slaughtering the Qalasheen archers and leading to the overall victory of the Orenian forces. The Battle of Boomhill- Following several scouting missions & a defeat to the Haense Army, the entirety of the Holy Orenian Empire was called to arms to siege a hostile encampment on the Empire's southern borders which would be known as the Battle of Boomhill, named for the reserve of Boomsteel the besieged were mining into. On the western front of the Battle the 3rd Brigade dealt a crushing blow to the opposing forces completely dismantling any sort of opposition on that flank, largely contributing to the success of the overall battle. The Battle of the Kahaen Sea- Following the Battle of Henry's Wharf, Anne of Crestfall discovered the location of the rebel leader, Tim 'The Rotund'. A fleet was then assembled by the Princess to combat Tim who was announced to be operating out of the Kahaen Sea. On the morning of the 17th of Tobias' Bounty, the flotilla randevued at Henry's Wharf to amass a total of one galleon and two sloops. In the late morning, anchors were raised and the fleet set sail towards Tim's fleet which from reconnaissance missions was said to consist of one Man of War & one sloop. Around 14:00, the first contact was made between the two factions and a battle ensued which would come to be known as the Battle of the Kahaen Sea. During the battle as the H.I.M.S Empress Anne was being boarded by rebel forces, elements of the 3rd Brigade led by Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith moved to counter them. Leading a charge against the boarding forces the rebels were routed by the superior 3rd Brigade discipline and speed, allowing for ample time for the H.I.M.S Empress Anne to retreat from the battle. The Skirmish of 1817- 5 years after fighting in the Battle of Robert's Folly (1812), hearing word of Bandits south of Redenford Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith led men from the 3rd Brigade, to scout and eliminate the Bandit threat. Upon moving towards the encampment without the knowledge of the Bandits below Robert positioned his men surrounding the camp and with crossbows drawn they fired upon it, killing two with the first shot and wounding others, ordering his men to shout as they fired in order to give the impression of a larger force. After the initial volley the 3rd Brigadiers charged into the encampment killing all but one, whom they captured and interrogated in return for important intelligence and information regarding the operations of the Redhoods near Redenford. The Battle of Peter's Bridge- During the early morning of 7th of Grand Harvest, 23 S.A., a 3rd Brigade exercise was moving down towards the Providence Bridge led by Officers Captain Robert Archibald Galbraith and Lieutenant Oliver Crowly. This training exercise was cut short not long after by word from Lukas Castile and Antonyus Horen detailing a Ferrymen force incoming. Moments later a force of 300 Ferrymen confronted the combined force of 3rd Brigadiers and their allies. After a seemingly constant cycle of charges and counter charges the 3rd Brigadiers and their allies managed to break the Ferryman force routing it. All of the Ferrymen were either killed or wounded. The Battle of Outer Arentania- In the beginning, 4,200 strong Norlandic host marched directly towards the Imperial flanking force consisting of 1,600 infantry while the rest of the Imperial host consisting of 7,800 Infantry and Archers moved towards the middle of the field. Upon the Imperial flanking force spotting the main Norlandic rally marching towards it, it withdrew southwards and alerted the main Imperial force. The main Imperial force then turned westwards towards the Norlandic rally, at the same time the Imperial flanking force halted its retreat and turned to fight the Norlandic vanguard. Moments later the Imperial vanguard slammed into the eastern side of the Norlandic rally followed by the main Imperial force itself. The fighting lasted only minutes as the majority of the Norlandic rally was overwhelmed by the greater Imperial numbers and cut down. Many Norlanders attempted to retreat from the field however they were shot down by the Imperial archers as they fled. The Cavalry could be considered vital to the victory of this engagement, without the Vanguard the battle would have certainly been a much more prolonged and bloody affair for the Orenian side. If you are interested in the Brigade do not hesitate to contact an Officer in the ISA about either enlisting in the ISA or to transfer to the 3rd Brigade Signed Rt Hon. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion
  13. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith is disappointed by Sir Charles' tomfoolery, the aged Officer promptly moves to send a disgruntled letter to the Galbraith.
  14. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith nods firmly as he reads the missive "I HATE Lizards, I HATE Lizards, I HATE Lizards."
  15. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith frowns, deeply saddened by the news he sits back in his Office chair "A damn fine Officer and gentleman. Its a true shame to see one of the ISA's greatest go." he states before rendering a final salute to the Captain "God be with you."
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