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  1. Sergeant Willem Galbraith Would frown upon hearing the news , moving to firmly stand at attention rendering the good Lieutenant a final salute "He was a good man , a great soldier and an even better friend , I wish him the best luck in his next endeavours" He would state moving to sit back down reaching for a glass of scotch as he would contemplate the great times that he spent with his friend.
  2. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would skim the text offering a firm nod to its authorship "I am glad to see the diligent workers who took part in this innovative research have had their due praise" He would state turning to hang up the newly made uniform in his repurposed cupboard.
  3. I never really watched Pokémon , but what Pokémon would I be?
  4. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would scan the missive moving to reach for a glass of whisky, lifting it in the air thereafter ”Bloody Brilliant , Finally we managed to catch that dastardly woman for once and for all”
  5. Upon hearing the news Sergeant Willem Galbraith would furrow his brows as a single tear would move down his right cheek. As he would move to take a sip of whiskey , the tear would freeze cold upon his tired face “Bloody hell”
  6. Sergeant Willem Galbraith Would thoroughly read the missive in his office in the far north , moving to take a sip of his whisky “It has been an honour to serve under such valiant exemplary individuals , their utter professionalism should be the model for all to follow!”
  7. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would smile warmly whilst thoroughly reading through the missive in his office in the far north , raising a glass and firm salute in the Great Officer’s honour , “I have never met a better-more diligent man than our great Leftenant Colonel , nothing makes me prouder to serve our Great Empire”
  8. Upon returning to his office in the far North Sergeant Willem Galbraith would read the missive intently producing a Dubois Cigar from within his shirt pocket moving to smoke it ”It would not have been such a tremendous victory if not for the command of our diligent officers” He exclaimed whilst blowing a large puff of smoke towards the ceiling.
  9. ((IGN)): 01wagwan Name: Willem Galbraith Rank: Sergeant
  10. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would skim the missive while moving to open an aged bottle of scotch from deep within storage , offering the great statesman a toast, in his blank office in the far north he would exclaim ”It is truly a shame to see such a diligent and excellent individual step down, we can only hope his successor will be able to be held to the same standard of professionalism “
  11. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would sit and sip tea with George in the outpost tea room the next day, going over the contents of the letter and attempting to shed some light on it. “May we discuss the root of the matter, brother?”, he would state, taking a sip of tea and standing up for a moment to go and fetch a few chocolate croissants. They would engage in a long discussion over the subject before reaching common ground.
  12. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would be woken up early in the morning by an abrupt knocking at the door of his quarters, in an outpost on the northern fringes of the Empire. He would slowly get out of his firm hay bed and yawn, lazily putting on his uniform and searching his desk for a cigar. “What the bloody hell is it…” he would mutter, as he would slowly make his way to the door. A fresh recruit would be standing there, passing the sergeant a small copy of a letter. The grizzled sergeant would lay it down gently on the desk as he would offer the recruit an appreciative nod and a murmured “T
  13. Sergeant Galbraith would go to place yet another log on the fire located at the end of his office , moments later Sergeant Shadowsteel would knock on the door passing him a letter bearing the news of the assassination attempt on his brother in the capital ,he would offer Shadowsteel a firm nod as he would go to read it. Upon reading , Sergeant Galbraith would go to fetch a cigar from his pocket as he peered through a nearby window at the northern country-side “Bloody hell...”
  14. Sergeant Willem Galbraith would stride over to the flier , adjusting his hat , as he would scan the text “No matter how un-gentlemanly magic may be , When In war we must make compromises” He exclaimed as he would go to continue on his patrol of the Helena streets
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