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    Noctis was born in Aegrothond for about 16 years of his life till he was forced away from there to be in the Kingdom of Haense. Noct stayed in the kingdom for a few years, keeping his elf ears under a hood while he tried to scavenge for whatever meals he can buy from whatever cash he could gain. He fled off to Hegemony of the Mali'ker, Renelia when he was 19 years old. He still visits the kingdom of Haense but doesn't go often as he mostly spends his life in the woods minding his own. Now, Noctis is 21 and living alone, no love life or anything, still spending time alone but still looking for a permanent home then sleeping in camps in the forest and travel a bunch. He wants to be with his parents again but he knows that it may never happen and they could be dead, he hopes to find peace and prosperity though it will be difficult in the life he’s living and the world that's around him. Despite knowing his origins he’s unsure on returning, he’s always had a tattoo on his face but he doesn’t understand where its from as he’s never been in a tribe or a family, but he’s always had his heart elsewhere. He doesn’t mind the tattoo but hopes it doesnt give him grief in the coming future. Noctis is still yet a very faithful and loyal companion to have, trust may seem hard to gather for himself but once he finds a good friend he’s loyal to them and would never turn his back.
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