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    Born in the Province of Rubern, Ikita was raised by his father in a farmer household. Through all his life, Ikita believed that he was a simple farmer living with his father and brother because their mother died before his father even started farming. He had asked his father, Auron, many times how his mother had perished but each time he somberly changed conversation topic or simply refused to talk. Like this, Ikita Salimov lived throughout his life contempt and hardworking. He was close to his brother and they often played with wooden sticks acting like they were the honorable Reiter mercenaries. Still, Ikita handled a bow a lot better than any other “weapon” as he hunted quite often and could confidently brag about hitting a target from even over 100 yards away consistently. If not working on his farm or hunting out in the forest, he spent almost all his time sharpening his aim and “training” with his brother. But on his 18th birthday, this all changed when his father finally decided to tell him about his mother. As it turns out, his father lived in a land far away in the ancient Atlas where he had met his mother, a Wood Elf. She was older than him by many years as she was alive when the Wood Elves performed their great migration, away from their war ravaged Axios, and to the new lands of Aegis where they formed the city Laurelin, but the difference in age did not matter to them. The moment they saw each other, their love was something that even the gods could not rival. But fate did not care about love and even though they loved each other more than anything, the clan his mother belonged to forbid human and elf relationships, so they were forced to keep their relationship secret. Soon, Atlas became too unstable to live a happy family life and moved to The New World called Arcas. After several months of living in relative happiness, Ikita’s parents decided to secretively marry under a human priest and try for a child. Soon, Ikita’s mother was pregnant full-term with twins! They were the product of their love which was so strong that it even beat the elvish curse of infertility. Again, fate was not so forgiving and tragically, his mother Illiadris had died during childbirth because of unknown causes. (according to a simple doctor) This did not convince Auron and through his incredible grief and the suspicion that Illiadris’s clan knew about their marriage, Ikita’s father concluded that this was the Wood Elves’ work. As Auron confronted the chieftains of the clan and attempted to get something out of them, the chieftains insisted that they had no idea what he was talking about and stated that this was a great insult to their clan. In their rage the chieftains exiled Auron from their lands and blamed him for the terrible death of Illiadris. Because of this, Auron explained, he fled with Ikita and his brother to the province of Rubern under the disguise of a simple traveler looking to settle down. After starting his own farm, he promised himself that he would not tell Ikita about his origin and the tragedy which was the death of his mother until he became an adult. Ikita understood why his father kept this secret from him but still the shock of knowing he is part Wood Elf raised so many questions about his heritage that even his father could not answer them all. Hence, Ikita decided to leave his farm and attempt to find the Elvish city of Aegrothond, their largest settlement in Arcas, to find out who is responsible for the death of his mother. He gathered his best clothes, (although they did not differ much from his usual rags) armed himself with his grandfather’s Bowie knife and his sturdy bow and set out on his adventure after saying goodbye to his family, friends, and home-farm. Metagaming is basically doing RP in the wrong way. Specifically, the player uses knowledge that is not available to the character hence failing to RP as their character. For example, a person might try to invent something like a steam engine when his character doesn't even know the laws of thermodynamics. Powergaming is RP-ing your character in an unrealistic way (most of the time for your selfish benefit). Making your character purely for power or RP-ing extremely powerful actions that your character is unable to do are both examples of powergaming.
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