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  1. Ellesul would frown as her mother ran up to the seed hall, drugged out of her mind. "Why's she allowed t'do the Funky Flowers, but I'm no'? This isn' fair!"
  2. I don't believe so? I think focus crystal use has a semi-similar effect, but it's a consequence of spell casting, and not just regular use of the void.
  3. The Dowager's Diadem: 260 Mina Royal Leather Boots: 30 Mina - Tarathiel Asul'onn [OOC] Discord: Salty Alty #7030
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    o7 Rift, take a damn break and stop spilling danimals on yourself!
  5. A particular Elfess would glower at the missive, detaching her left arm and shaking it at the air, in the vague direction of the clinic. "Could've used this sooner, Your Highness!"
  6. A particular Elfess would nod in approval at such a missive!
  7. From within a Flamebrand, a particular Keeper would glower at the missive, declaring unto she who bore that portent of the Father; "Halvar was tenfold the Ruric this man will ever be... There comes a time for peace, and a time for wrath. Such is the nature of the Father's Flame. 'Tis a shame such is often forgotten."
  8. *teleports behind you

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  9. Full Name: Tarathiel Asul'onn Applying Role: Shqiptar Age: 130 or so Profession/ Trade: Alchemy, Botany (Shqiptars only) Accepting Apprentices?: No Haeseni?: Ti IGN: altiar1011 Discord: Salty Alty#7030
  10. Desert Merc, 75
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      Jerry on steroids

  12. Within the crypts of forlorn kings, then, would an errant mutt lick the blood from its lips with a hideous, thousand-toothed grin. From its maw, horrendous and macabre utterances would slip the surly bonds of consciousness and make their way into the waking world. "False humility, lacking recompense, Yet ne'er had he come to her defense. The toll is paid, the blood of a Queen... For that of a princess."
  13. What does it mean to be an e-girl?
  14. An 'Ame of Repute would merely sit silently in her home, staring at the edict with a frown on her lips. This, too, shall pass.
  15. An 'Ame of repute would suddenly choke on her wine, smacking her chest with a metal fist. Someone, somewhere, had been finely roasted.
  16. β€œMy daughter once told me a story…” Duck, dodge, swing. Duck, dodge, swing. This was the pattern of that Elfess’ movements within her basement, the bag of sand hung from one of the supports hanging and swaying with every heavy impact it endured. Sweat rolled from her face, exhausted breaths emergent from chapped lips with every shuffle of her training clothes, tattered and frayed from years of use without care. The majority of her dining room had been brushed aside, tables and chairs stacked against the wall to make way for her bouts with the inanimate sack.
  17. Karin’ayla, Surgeon General, I hope this letter finds you in good health. With the escalation of the troll conflict, and having witnessed, as well as experienced, the first-hand effects of such, I find myself wishing to further contribute to the medical effort that goes into treating our soldiery as their injuries mount, and go from mere shrapnel wounds to missing limbs and ruptured organs. Upon your acceptance, I will begin brewing and supplying a number of alchemical and herbal concoctions and remedies to further aid in the recovery of our brave men and women of the
  18. Cradled in her wheelchair, a particular baroness would nod in approval of such scripture.
  19. Though crippled, that Elfess would smile as she regarded the missive from her wheelchair. "Enchantments are a hell of a thing..."
  20. Cradled within her flame, that undying Keeper would note the news as her successor passed a nearby flier, pinned upon a noticeboard. "It's about ******* time..."
  21. A loathsome Mutt would grumble as it observed the latest happenings. "Sin flourishes when the Virtuous are cowed into inaction..."
  22. An 'Ame of repute would light a candle that night, in memory of that kind-hearted bishop, and all of the good he had done for the Kongzem she so adored. "You showed me the light of GOD in truest form; a gratitude I shall repay, or at the very least, try to."
  23. Skin: Female Ranger Bid: $5 Username: altiar1011 Discord: Salty Alty#7030
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