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    A long time ago, two Drow gave birth to a girl. Names unknown, the parents mysteriously left the child to die in the middle of nowhere. This the start of Katinas short lived luck, for the on a stroll the Carleth family found the child. They hurried back to their home in Irrinor, and adopted her as their own. She learned no dark magic, and instead attempted to learn the art of bows and the words of Aspectism. Many of the other elves tried to get her to Velunor, as they didn’t trust a dark substance in the midst. The Carleth family didn’t mind, though. But Katinas luck would end on the night she turned 14. A few wood elves convinced what was theorized to be a Heartlander to burn the entire Carleth home down, and with as much precaution as possible, suceeded. Only Katina made it out alive, with her adoptive family and her sanity dead. Snapping, she tried to run after the cuplrit, but didn’t get very far with her burn marks. She now roams the world, trying to find the heartlander and get revenge, by shortening the humans lifespan further- not my, like, evil oaths, but by murder. Katina, though known to few, can strike fear into even the strongest human.
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