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    I was born in a loving family with a little brother named Aurlix (Auri as we liked to call him). Even though we fought, he was my best friend. I lived a pretty normal life-I loved to sneak out and play with Auri in our yard. We were pretty isolated, though; we were home-schooled and our closest neighbor was four miles away. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary happened until I was sixteen, Auri 15. In the middle of October he took his own life, tearing my family apart. For the longest time I did nothing but stare at my ceiling, wondering what I could have done differently to save him. A year after that my parents got a divorce, then I ran away. Being in the real world for the first time was scary, but I met my best friend that first night and ever since we have been living together, learning as much as we can to distract us from our lives. It took some getting used to, but I was finally starting to fit in, though I always felt like there was a huge secret I was missing. Of course I noticed I had pointy ears, and my best friend did too, but a lot of others did not. We were both on our own as well, but I never did ask what happened to my friend’s parents. I wonder what else I could be missing..
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