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    I was born on a night when the sun didn't set. My birth was from that of a virgin mother. My mother died during labor and from the time I was born apart from my father, captain of the brown raiders, an infamous swashbuckling crew comprised of him and his offspring. I have lived on my fathers warship for as long as I can remember, I also don't know how to read. My father said it was important to learn many languages so you could deceive as many people as possible. I have never known my true self, I'm not even sure if Ivan The Destroyer is my real name. My father passed due to a stray arrow being fired into the air as a joke, the trajectory brought it out to sea and from that day I was the "Brown beast of the east" a title once reserved for my father. I made a name for myself by running a fair and democratic ship in which I allowed all onboard parties a vote on our affairs. I traveled the world but never once stepped foot on solid land. I now find myself in a strange new world full of all kinds of people, none of which have ever had scurvy. I cannot wait to see what adventures await me.
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