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    Fallon was born on the second of Piov in the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska into a loving family with an older brother. As she grew, Fallon was a hard-to-handle child, who sported bad behavior and risky ideas. She also had a hard time making friends in school, which led her to feel slightly lonely. She relied on her older brother to be her best friend, and he was. They went around town causing trouble, but still making everlasting memories. However, Fallon’s behavior caused her to have a bad reputation within the family, which ultimately led her to being “kicked out of the house” by her father at the age of sixteen. Not even an adult yet, Fallon was thrown into the real world inexperienced. She traveled down to many different towns including Fenn and Sutica where she spent her days homeless, and often resorted to theft for necessary supplies. This process repeated for the next two years before she stepped up to get a job at the local barn. There, she was paid to tend to the farms and take care of the animals. The farmers even let her stay in a guest bedroom until she was able to gain enough savings to rent a small house nearby. She’s lived in that small house ever since. Fallon decided that the pay was not enough, so she applied to become a bartender at the local tavern at the age of twenty, and got the job. Due to her grumpiness and bad attitude, she was fired from both jobs. Now, she continues to roam the streets stealing and trying to survive.
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