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  1. hi!!! [derogatory term] hru omg!!! whats ur favourite song, atm rn favourite rp moment?? favourite little character man?? is it over or is that just maltamoss propaganda thanks big fan :)
  2. [!] A RSVP letter would find itself in the Sullas residence mail-box shortly thereafter, Name: Rune of Ahad Will you be in attendance of the Sullas Soirèe?: Possibly The last box was remained entirely unchecked.
  3. [[ImStuckInHell]] Rune of Ahad 50's Vote 1: Elarhil Sullas Vote 1: Elarhil Sullas
  4. as a medical roleplayer i agree tenfold
  5. the post he's referring to quite clearly stated that
  6. [[ImStuckInHell]] Rune of Ahad 50's Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris
  7. "Why do they complain?," Mused a thill in contemplation.. "Never has there been a public vote for Maheral. Any valid arguments they have, are easily undermined when they know not the customs, and history, of elCihi'thilln." Though promptly after talking to herself, she rattled off a; "ay'Maheral."
  8. babe wake up new drama dropped 

  9. "How do these letters keep finding me?!" Cried out a distressed Mali'thill, re-inforcing her: 'No Soliciting Sign' with a further few nails - and a lot more red paint.
  10. what the hell is going on 

    1. megavoltar


      Are you guys going trick or treating?


  11. The Viradiraar took a moment to ponder this question, before she began in answer. "Ti, and a valid inquiry that is. My time in elCihi'thilln has been quite short; I will admit that. Yet I have done much in this period... During the few years in my return to elCihi'thilln, though disregarding the years I lived within our beloved Haelun'or prior, I believe myself to have served well and true - with the little power I have. You have no doubt seen the recent construction ot the Alchemic lab by the bastion of elCihi, I aided much in the creation and building of that. In tandem with the help of a fellow Mali'thill. I too have taken to teaching knowledge of the Alchemical to fellow adherents of Larihei, and have begun guiding Orinmon Viradiraar down the path of purity. During the times elCihi has been without a medical practitioner around, which has been quite often, I have aided in many the plight of many the 'thill." The woman of silvers lips did grow a slight smile. Furthering on in speech "I commend you in your question, so I will ask one in return: You spoke of a previous term in elSillumiran, acting as a Medical Corporal. Why was it that you left. The regression of Hiylun have been one I've watched quite closely. Would it have not been beneficial to elCihi to continue to help in the training of medics - as, when I look around elCihi I see very few." It was with that, she fell silent. Offering a nod of the head, for Kolvar to answer.
  12. A mali'thill, built of medium size, approached the podium herself. Dressed simply, with a pristine white coat draped across her shoulders, the Physician offered her opponent a cordial smile. The simple greeting, "Karin'ayla, anointed children of silver, proud mali'thill, and the lessers who call elCihi'thilln home." loosed her lip, and she began to talk. "I am Rune of Ahad, of elTalonnii Viradiraar. Though my arrival to elCihi has only been in recent memory - I have seen great disparity between our core beliefs. Maeh'rsae hiylun'ehya, where there has been progress of great renown within these Silver Walls, the matter of Hiylun has been blatantly disregarded." The silvered woman's features bore little response, lips perpetually thinned between words. "I have been practising as a Physician and master Alchemist for a multitude of decades now, and have come to dedicate the use of my craft in benefitting elCihi. Much of my time has been spent in the construction of an alchemists lab, for all mali'thill to use. Too, have I spent countless hours ensuring elhiylun of both lesser, and 'thilln citizens. Having tended to many a patient in the absence of any clinician staff. I have taught many dedicents of Larihei my crafts, both in the nature of the Material alphabet, and first aid and wish to further my teachings unto the willing of elCihi. It is no more I wish to see empty clinics, no more do I want to see a low bar for educational standard, and no more do I wish to see our comrades suffer." With those words, the elfess fell silent.
  13. The Doctrines of Hiylun Second of the Deep Cold, Year 66 of the Second Age "Never again can I gaze upon the beauty spots of Almaris and enjoy them as being the finest thing I have ever seen. elCihi'thilnn is above them all.” AsLarihei rose from her golden pools, and spoke the words of civilisation and prosperity unto the newly born ‘thill, it was decreed that her oem’iian would live by the words of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Since that day, Haelun’or has lived by this concept. As the years have passed, and many a Sohaer has taken leadership of elCihi'thillnan, this Doctrine has remained a pillar of the state. Yet, in the modern era, the latter of our motto now waivers. We continue to progress, without regard for the evolution of Hiylun. Whereas essays of science and politics are fruitful, the Clinic has been strewn to the wayside. It is therefore that I, Rune of Ahad, nominate myself as a candidate for Okarir’Hiylun to bring a Silver Age to our revered and beloved Hiylun. For the last four decades of my life; I have served as a Physician, Alchemist, and adherent to the Sunlit Lord. It is with these skills I see myself fit for such a position, and as an enabler to enact the plans I have for our collective Hiylun. My plans and ideations are simple, yet ones befitting of elCihi’thilln. At elevation to the position of elOkarir’hiylun, it is my wish to bring prosperity to the concept of the clinic. Long I have seen this building empty and without those adequate to staff it. The first step will not be to further our knowledge as is, but to create the basis for prosperity. I wish to create a certification system for all eligible Mali’thill to enroll in. Those who partake in the course, and graduate, will be capable of properly working in the Clinic - as well as creating a baseline system as to what we as Mali’thill deem ‘medically trained’. I else wise aim to create the following: A stable supply of medical supplies. Adequate laboratories for Alchemists, as well as a subject of the Clinician staff dedicated to my fellows of the craft. In tow with standardized medical certification, basic first-aid courses will be offered as easy-to-take courses.
  14. A young girl, tormented already by the terrors of her mind, could do naught but sob. A screaming rage, akin to the one her father was sent into, loosed through the upper-half of the Rivia Halls
  15. "Interesting!" A Paladin noted, "The ecosystem of elCihi'thilln is truly remarkable."
  16. make elves a CA with a redline against ftbing
  17. A delusional girl peaked into her Grandfathers study, @𝖂𝖆𝖌𝖜𝖆𝖓, as he left; she skimmed the missive. Barely literate, she gave naught but a thumbs up.
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