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    Menelaeth was born in the city of Lareh’thillin to high elven parents. During her childhood, she had no friends because she wasn’t very talkative and mostly kept to herself. She was also quite curious about the natural world and wanted to learn more about it. Originally, she had planned to study the sciences in one of many colleges, but she was struck with wanderlust and against her parent’s wishes, she set off for a life of adventure. Of course, a life of adventure is not an easy one, so to make ends meet, she often sold her services as a monster hunter or resorted to banditry to get by. During one of these episodes of banditry, the person who she was robbing managed to gouge out her left eye. Even after this injury still still continued to adventure. She seen many different things throughout her travels such as the human capital of Helena, but some of her favourite things that she saw during her travels were sites of historical importance. Her travels have also changed her opinions of the other races and she no longer sees them as beneath her race. She now returns to Lareh’thillin a changed elf.
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