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    my parents used to live in Gladewynn before the fall but then moved to Caras Eldar after the elven cold war which my father fought in. I was young when my dad went off to war but I remember my mother teaching me basic skills like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of myself. When my dad got back from war he helped me bulk up a little. I was home-schooled by my mother which allowed me to grow my knowledge but not my social skills. the’re was a girl who lived next door and we fell in love. I dated her for 3 years before she left me for a elf who could shoot a bow and fight. When I was 23 I met a man at the market and we grew found of each other. He soon grew ill after 13 years of friendship I lost him. This put me in a spiral which lead me to read and love history. my mother loved history and i needed an escape from the sadness. I now live in The Concord of Llyria due to the peaceful ways of life. I wish to travel the land and research all races and creatures.
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