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    Alco Arnia Alco was born as an only childs in a small poor hut in the forest. For as long as he remembers he was poor as dirt. He remembers growing up his parents arguing across the room about money, and taxes. All he has wanted to do was provide for his family in some way. The only way he could think of was to find food and cook it for his family. So thats what he did, he would wake up every single day at the crack of dawn and would start trying to find any fruits or vegetables, nuts, or berries. Anything he could find would make himself proud that he could provide for him family. His hard-work did not go unnoticed as his father decided for his 30th birthday he would save up enough money to buy a bow and some arrows and teach Alco how to shoot. Eventually Alco became extremely skilled with the bow and arrow and was able to now provide his family with meat. He then learned how to fish and also became really skilled in that. Alco was very happy that he could provide for his family. Since then both of his parents went to the town last night to buy some goods leaving him alone in his house. After that night he has never seen his parents and has lost motivation. Until now (present) he has grown up a bit and has been living alone for a while now. He must now live up for his families honor and plans to do so. OOC(I would add lore references but when I went to check out the link it shows up with “404 Not Found”) End OOC
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