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    Avtria was born in Helena , she had a great childhood as an only child and was very outgoing and bright. Her family descended from the early centuries who helped with the construction of the Orenian Empire for the arrival and are supposedly from highlander descent, but eventually changed to heartlander once settled in the city. They followed the Canonism religion. She often would help her parents at the markets to sell produce. Her family barely scraped and were at the bottom of the hierarchy but they were happy and together. When Avtria was 15, she killed a bird with her bare hands as a dare from one of her friends. She couldn’t stop crying at that moment and ran off into the forest. She doesn't have much memory of what happened after she ran in, but she awoke in her parents home with a bruise on her head as if she had been knocked out and a scar in the shape of an X on her wrist. Avtria tried to forget about that event and carried on with her life. Later that year curiosity got the better of her and she crushed a mouse under a stone and ventured into the woods to find whatever gave her the scar. She didn’t find anything and frequently started killing small animals and going into the woods. This became an obsession to her and eventually she lost all her friends and the village stayed away from her. Her parents never gave up on her and they tried to help her, but when she drowned a baby lamb her parents were forced to send her away all alone to Kaedrin. She has spend little time in Kaedrin but has decided to hang on the outskirts of the settlement trying to avoid people as much as possible. She still has yet to travel and explore her new surroundings.
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