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    Birth and Knowledge At the time man were only weapons for the war that consumed humanity, a single children in the contry of Lebastia escaped the path of war and continued to journey through the world, it was said to him that his parents named him Nassim and prayed so he could live a long live and overcome the war. Nassim learned to sneak and steal from wherever he could, as a kid he had been separated from his family, and now lived the life of a thief, the so called Eternal War was over by the time he started his long journey, a traveler adopted him, and taught him to trade and how to manage any currency, being the most important one his own life as the best way to obtain wealth was by becoming a mercenary and ending the life of important people. He became a great mercenary, learned about politics and the way this world was controlled by those with most power and wealth, greedy humans who valued their positions more than life itself. Nassim grew bored of this life as he became older, and as a known person went away to seek knowledge burried in deep places around the world, and was never heard of him for the next 20 years. The death of Juliar the 3rd placed the world in the hands of another kind of greed, one that only desired to kill those with better skills, and only preserve one family as the true ruling race. Nassim died assassinated by another mercenary at the age of 53, his body found in a library built inside a secret temple populated by worshipers of an “Infinit God” and a place they called “The Void”. Nassim had found this place at his 37 years of age, and had lost his mind seeking answers, the worshipers that knew him claimed that he was the only human they met that could understand the ancient books, the books that any human could read but none had understood, they believed that this books were the path to other worlds, and only those chosen could travel through them. The Rebirth In the year 2001, in a world called Earth, a couple gave birth to their second child in a saturday afternoon, the child was named Naim and lived normal life until his 16th birthday, in this 14th of August he received a book from his grandmother, a science-fiction book wich was a best seller at the time. That same night he decided to read the book but realised, as he opened it, that the book was completely empty, he could only distinguish a single drop of ink the midle of the first page as he got closer to try and understand the drop of ink his eyes began to hurt and so they began to shine, he then saw through them a different life a life in place he had never even heard of, and soon began to remember. As he sat there his memories of his life as Naim faded and the memories of a mercenary began to invade everything, the last he could remember was pain, being killed by someone, stabbed in the back, he started to remember all the books he read in a library, and soon was able to recall everything. He was Nassim, a mercenary from a different world, he had seeked knowledge and found how to travel across universes just by readin books, he could see the events that were written happening and he was able to change what was written so the books told the truth. But the biggest mistery was why he was able to do so, no human was ever able to do something like that until he came to this books. He already had lived enough and decided not to spend other 30 years trying to understand, as he explored the weird house he found a knife and try to end his life, but was stopped, a being had appeared in front of him, and only spoke 3 words before making them both dissapear. ”They need you”. The Kingdom They stood on a forest Nassim lacked a body to stand, he was only a concept, a group of thoughts. The being start to talk “Your life has never been yours, yet”, it explained how Nassim was a descendant of a Human and he had to face all the challenges that he was put through to prove that he was the one able to save the future of an entire kind. His first life was one where he had to demonstrate how greed was not part of his soul and that he wanted more than mundane power and wealth. His second short life had been one where he would have to find his own self, find his past memories that were burried deep in his mind. And this one his third life would prove if he was able to love others more than he loves himself. “A new name will follow you on this path, you may it choose it yourself, for your memories will once more be errased until you are able to find them again” A body formed in the ground and Nassim felt how he was forced to unite with it, and in a second it all became darkness. As a new young man openned his eyes, he heard only one word that came from the wind “Remember”. The man stepped up from the ground, no recall of how or why he was there, he must have felled, and began to walk following the path that was visible, crossing all the forest until he reached a town. He entered the tavern and sat down on a chair, he was a tall man, not that strong looking. As he looked around a stranger sat in front of him, after getting a drink he started to talk, his name was Magx,he had been sent from a far land to look for warriors willing to join an army to defend a town, it was the 4th day he had been wondering from town to town asking for warriors, but as anyone in the tavern could see, he was alone. The next morning came and the town had started a celebration, a feast that would last for an entire week, in honor of the king, a king who had died but was long remembered, the only two people not preparing for this celebrations where the two strangers from the tavern, they seemed to be getting ready for a journey, but Magx did not leave before sharing a toast to the fallen King. As the two strangers started Magx continued to explain how the place they were going was dangerous, the place where he was born and where his parents had died in a war, the war that had been the reason for the king`s dissapearance, everyone knew the king had died, but Magx had a theory that the king had been kidnapped, the king had helped him as a kid, when the war was over he took Magx into the barracks and gave him a future as a soldier, not long after the king was claimed dead. As they were walking a group of men sourrunded them, and Magx pulled a long sword out of his sheath and pushed the other man to the ground, soon he was fighting 4 less armed men, the man on the floor stared in horror as he was unable to help the only person he had ever met, or that he could remember, from deep in his head he heard a voice and started to do as the voice said, he stood up and raised his arms concentraiting in the rocks on the road, this rocks started to fly towards the fight, hitting the thiefs and even Magx, as the group was distracted Magx was able to blend his sword and kill 3 of them, the last one of them was able to scape running to the woods. Magx had fallen to the ground and was staring directly at the stranger he had met not long ago at the tavern, “You, You can Control things with your mind, as the king Could, Baroneimen! ”. The journey continued as Magx praised his new friend, he explained how the only heir to the throne was a bastard of the King, since he never married, he was supposed to be able to move things with his mind as they King did so many times in battle, and so, many kids were subjected to trials to see if they were the King`s son, but the kid was never found, “His name was Baroneimen” named after the father of the King “Baroth” and the place where he had won the battle for the land wich would become his kingdom “ The Neimerian Valley” and so Magx started tocall his new friend Baroneimen. When they arrived to the town, wich once was the keep of the great castle, Magx explained to the citizens how he was saved by the true heir and how Baroneimen had come to defeat those who would atack the town in the following days. Without any doubt from the citizens they knelt down and praised the stranger, a simple man who had lost all his memories just a few days ago and now he was Baroneimen the new King. The Truth After years Baroneimen was known as a kind king he had not defeated the armies that once wanted to destroy what remained from the kingdom, but rather he had united them, the kingdom had come together once more, and this time it was bigger than when his father ruled, he helped te people, and the castle was home of the citizens. The AwA Kingdom had never been more peaceful or more beautiful. He had learned to control his powers no the maximum and due to this he had been visited by far travelers, monks and blacksmiths a group called the Congregation, they had forged and armor for the King and each peace of it represented each of the lands he ruled they were enchanted for eternal protection to its wearer and could only be worn by his heirs, he wore this armor since the day it was given to him except for the helmet he wanted to be able to be recognized so people in need could find him. The years passed and his rule came to its 16th celebration, and as Naim had received, he was given a book, a book that was told to posses infinit knowledge, but to him it was only another book. Years passed and he turned 40 years old, he had been rulling since he was only 18, and as a remainder of his loyalty to the kingdom he started a celebration on the name of the passed King, and so he turned to the history books, to learn more about his father, and stumbled upon a book that had been a gift to him he opened it and, as it happened in the past, he wa able to remember. He soon understood this life was just another of his tests, he heard the bells rang and came to a window to see the town being atacked an army they were not prepared for, how could the get passed the walls?, the Kings army was missing, he was alone, all the town, men, women, children where being killed, as he ran to the town to fight, he started to use his magic to defeat the army and help the town, he fought until his breath was gone, and as he saw the last citizen hide in the secret caves, he was stabbed by a tall man with armor from his own Kingdom, the man took out his helmet and spoke “This is the last breath you will draw, False King”, and so his body fell to the ground. The King Baroneimen had fallen, the town and the castle burned and he was again just a thought. The voice spoke again and this time the being was angry “You proved your loyalty to the people who chose you, but are unable to save them, to save yourself, you lost your sense of looking for knowledge, if you had been a good ruler you would have figured out this atack and why the last King went mad and left the kingdom” ”Enough of this child games, You have to prove that you can be who we need you to be, find knowledge, this time you have to find us” And with this last words everything became darkness again. Nassim had only one thought on his mind, he wanted to keep the memory of this name the people had given him, and the armor that they had made for him. The Last Test Baroneimen woke up on a ship, he knew his name, Baroneimen thats all he could remember and he had a lust for wisdom, he carried an armor that had a note on it, “Once on never off, Find Us”, he was quick to put the armor on , and as he saw the helmet he smiled and put it on. This time he was in a World that had been corrupted by an inmortal being, one that cursed the living creatures on it and gave them eternal flaws, but this world was home to knowledge, and even if he could not know yet, it was the place were the beings that tested him had seen their beggining.
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