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    Galethar Frenarious was born to two high elves in the Federation of Sutica. The Frenarious family, a relatively average high elven family was cast out from Haelun’or when Grenafar Frenarious, Galethar’s grandfather dismissed the traditional high elven culture of Maehr’sae and Hiylun’ehya. Galethar’s father was consequently forced to flee with his wife and settle in Sutica where Galethar was born. Because of his isolation from true high elven culture, while Galethar developed the usual feeling of superiority over other races, he was overall shielded from the supremacist nature of the elf kin. Galethar was the only child born to his mother and father, and due to this, he was kept ignorant from many of the hardships of normal life for others. They also kept him ignorant of many people they felt would “tarnish” his pureness which led to him having very little friends. His parents often told him about the legend of the Golden Pools, which inspired young Galethar to begin studying magic and alchemy, the more he read about his kin the more he realized his family was a disgrace, however. Embracing the Maehr’sae and Hiylun’ehya Galethar left Sutica in search of the great Silver State of Haelun’or after completing his basic schooling and apprenticeship as a magician. He spent many years wandering the forests and mountains around his city, preparing himself to rejoin his kin and learning the wisdom of nature. To the present day, he continues to train for his family’s grand re-entry into Haelun’or where he hopes to repair the tarnished name of his kin.
  2. Hello, I’ve been trying to submit my application server for several days now. However, every time I click “Save” at the bottom of the application page I’m met with an error titled “EX1406.” I asked my friend who referred me to the server what it meant and they listed several (debatably useful) strategies. Such as clearing my browser history and hitting refresh “until something happens.” I have yet to find any mention of an error EX1406 on the internet so I’ve no other choice but to consult the forums before I even have access to the server. I tried using the “Contact us” message that appeared with the error notice, but it’s been a couple of days with no response.
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