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  1. god id get coal vip but im broke
  2. khajiit has wares if you have coin
  3. The dwed hears this news in the depths of urguans mine, setting down his pick and heading to krugmar to congratulate the new Rex.
  4. an enraged dwarf heads over to the city that was taken by the demons, going to ask where the ash of his fallen brother is, knowing that he may die in doing so but not caring.
  5. Wilhelms eyes have a small bit of shock behind them as he hears the news but a small smile on his face “ah guess ah nocked some sense in to ‘is head”
  6. MC Name:implicitlypug Character Name:Wilhelm Character Age:89 Appearance: Bloodline - Feel free to contact Utak (Mickaelhz) or Axel (Lefty_Bojengles) for help: Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of ___, grandson of ___ etc):Brother of urist Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?:yes What is your Discord?:puglord#5313 Image of the skin you intend to use: will have colours changed and markings added
  7. Name (Both RP & IGN): Wilhelm Hammerdeep (implicitlypug) Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): Miner, Blacksmith Do you require temporary housing?: Yes Discord (Not required, but highly suggested! It’s free & safe): yes (puglord#5313)
  8. wilhelm


    Wilhelm was an infant found in the depths of a mine alone by the man he calls his father who was an older gentleman, brought Wilhelm back to his home in Sutica. Wilhelm kept to himself most of the time but did say hi to dwarfs who came to sell their wares in the city, first learning of the grand kingdom of Urguan by one of the dwarf smiths who passed through. Wilhelm didn't enjoy smithing until he was a Dwarfling, Apprenticing under a smith as soon as he could and starting out by gathering supplies. His first weapon made was a dagger after a few years of transporting supplies. He gaine
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