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    Years ago, it wasn’t that long ago, A handsome wood elf named Nar Brave and a beautiful high elf named Siraye Spell crossed paths and it was love at first sight. They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but Siraye’s family forbad it. The two lovers still figured out ways to be together and one day ran away to Irrinor and claimed to both be wood elves. They got married and a year later had a beautiful daughter named Lixiss, and this is where our story starts. Lixiss was a gorgeous child, her parents showed her off to everyone they knew. Lixiss’ parents always told her she would be destined for great things, her father and her mother dealt with flora, and sold beautiful bouquets . They lived happily, raising this beautiful baby half elf of a being. When Lixiss was old enough she went to school and never really made friends. One day though she meets a petite baby chipmunk that becomes her best friend, they explore the forest together and go on adventures together. When Lixiss was a teenager she was kind and grateful for everything she had. Her parents taught her to have kindness, hope, and love in her heart and she lives by that. She treats everything and everyone, if she would ever talk to anyone, with kindness and respect. But on Lixiss 16th birthday she woke up to find no one home, she looked everywhere in the forest but she could not find her parents. She has lived alone for years searching everyday, she has tried to go to the city to look but she can not get past her fear of humans, she doesn’t know why but she is terrified of humans, and the fact that if anyone were to talk to her she would sink into the floor. Lixiss is now 21 years old and is going out to the city to finally chase her dreams of learning anything that could help her find her parents. She craves adventure and she will seek out anything to deal with her parents. Maybe even coming across long lost grandparents or making friends along the way, but Lixiss is dead set on finding her parents and getting out of her shell...if only her anxiety would allow her to get on the train.
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