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    Gustaf was born in a village near Reza to serfs in the Kingdom of Haense. While growing up in a farming family Gustaf has always proved very courageous and brave from a young age. He always had very big dreams when he was young. He had a nickname “Raven” because of his raven colored hair. His father unfortunately passed when he was six years of age. When he was nine years of age of local marauders came to his village he managed to blind the bandit leader. Their leader entered Gustaf's house he went for Gustaf mother but didn't realize Gustaf was hiding in the coal hole, Gustaf struck the bandit king from behind with a sickle killing him. He proved to be very strong and showed great characteristic of a knight. He stands out among his peer and got the attention of a local knight named Sir Griffith. He became Sir Griffiths’ squire at age fourteen. During his time with Sir Griffith he learned chivalry, basic swordsmanship and some military tactics. He accompanied his Lord during the War of the Two Emperors. At age 17 he participated in his first battle at the Siege of Helena. During the hasty retreat of the Orenian army he protected his lord while being tailed by Reiter mercenaries. He entered a duel with a Reiter champion and slew him in battle. At age 20 he was officially knighted by the bishop of Reza.
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    Gustaf was born in a village near Reza in the Kingdom of Haense. His father was a blacksmith from Reza and a former soldier also leader of the town militia. Gustaf’s father Stephen is literate fairly educated compared to other village dwellers and knowns some knowledge of the history of Arcas. Stephen has taught Gustaf some basic knowledge of swordsmanship and Chivalry. Stephen has learned about chivalry and swordsmanship because he is a shield craftsman for local knights. Gustaf has always been inspired to become a knight. Gustaf always had big dreams inspired by his father. He is very courageous and brave and stands out amongst his peers both physically and mentally stronger. He had a nickname “Raven” because of his raven colored hair.
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