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    Luminus was born in the city of Sutica, his father is a highelf and works as a merchant at a small trading company, his mother is a kind highelf woman. Luminus had a similar youth to the other children of Sutica, he went to school and learnt about math, art and trading. There was a thing that made him different from the other children, in his free time he liked to roam around the city and discover its secrets such as its sewers. He also loved learning about new things out of school. When Luminus graduated from school he got a job at the same trading company as his father, in his free time he still roamed around the city and studied different subjects. After working at the trading company for some time he realized that he wasn't someone who just has a normal job, works the regular hours and then goes home, he wanted to see what the world had to offer from the isolated capital of the snow elves to the high elven capital. He resigned from the job and asked his parents if he could travel around the world to discover new things. They hesitated in the beginning because they wanted to make sure he was safe, after he did some convincing they agreed and he started packing his bags. Luminus waved his parents goodbye and promised that he would visit them as much as he could, after that he walked to the street and went to discover the world.
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