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    Rolen was born a High Elf to a good family in Haelun’or in the year 1752 on the 18 of the sun’s smile but due to unknown reasons to Rolen his family was banished from Haelun’or and instead moved to the forest on the outskirts of Haelun’or were he learnt to hunt from his dad and use a bow from his mom, Even though Rolen was not brough up in a normal fastion and was not able to attend school through his parents he became quiet knowledgeable but he was neither like other high elves wanting to know everything but also not like other believing in a god he was lost and did know what he was exactly, He continued to learn from his parents getting all the skills to survive on his own, they later told him that he has stayed with them for to long and that he now has to venture off and make a life of his own so Rolen sets off to Explore Acras and find himseff.
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