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  1. Ker’Okarn: Refuge of the dark elves In 1781, the city of Ker’Okarn was formed after the fall of Renelia. Forged from the fire of despair and the splintering of their race, this city is the new hope of the ashen folk. It lies on the coast, North-East of the Eternal Uzg. Built from the sand and stone of the area, it rises as a great testament to the longevity of ‘Ker pride that will last centuries no matter their setbacks. Guide to Ker’Okarn Culture of Ker’Okarn Within Ker’Okarn are dark elves of many different allegiances. Af
  2. Tide Falkmoor would read the piece of paper before him before grinning, “Bring all the elves together? They obviously have not met any high elves or they wouldn’t be so optimistic. Yet ‘Ker unity does interest me quite a bit. Perhaps I should reach out to this fellow to discuss that and let them know how impossible it is to bring all elves together.” He’d laugh before putting the paper away in a corner of his office so he could think about it later.
  3. This account is written by Selion Drogon. The information included is supposedly an exact account of the creation of Sirame Khel. The Empty Agreement There was mist, a slight wisp that traveled over the cracked and dusty ground. It was out of place in the dry air of the desert night, crawling over warm dirt. It seemed to speed up rushing angrily and haughtily into the air, screaming into the ashen night, devoid of moon, or stars. Its topmost tendril reached for the darkness, its shadowy form stretching for nothingness and then it was nothing, a little mist, the smallest amount of va
  4. At 3 PM EST, there will be a festival at Ker’Okarn. More details can be found here. These are the five poems that were written by Tide Falkmoor and will be performed at the festival: A Forsaken City The last gong rang, Through empty streets, No dreams, no dreams, When the city fell. Sometimes rock crumbles, Sometimes bells toll, For fallen lies, And darkened souls. There was no sound, No laughing voice, No crying child. Sometimes sorrow, Comes after nothing. Sometimes de
  5. This account is written by Selion Drogon. The information included is supposedly an exact account of the creation of Sirame Khel. The Next Morning Tide Falkmoor laid in his bed, wondering whether to get up. His throat felt like someone had poured sand down it, though that was an improvement from last night when it felt as if it was splitting from the inside. He tried to close his eyes more than they had been before. It seemed to him as if opening his eyes would mean a great deal of trouble, which he just didn’t feel the need to start at the moment. He rolled and turned over. Tid
  6. This account is written by Selion Drogon. The information included is supposedly an exact account of the creation of Sirame Khel. Tide Falkmoor entered the gates of Ker’Okarn. His eyes flitted from side to side, taking in the surroundings. Was this place what he was looking for? Could this be the very place to bring his plans into action? His piercing red eyes roamed swiftly over the sandy walls. He breathed in. The sea air again rushed past his face. His white hair wafted in the wind. His tired eyes burned in the darkness of the late evening. The silhouette of broad
  7. OOC: From now on I’ll be writing these posts in a somewhat dramatic story-telling fashion. This was not uncommon in ancient times. Most history was written in rhyme or in a the dramatic. (It’s also more fun) The sweltering sun beat down upon the thirsty dark elf. Used to the cool of the forest trees of Siramenor, the heat of the desert plains during the Sun’s Smile fell like a hammer on his shoulders. The sound of his footsteps sounded hollow across the barren landscape. A soft, hot, humid wind ruffled the gray grass. It whistled past small rocks that stuck up from the red dusty e
  8. This is a series of entries in a journal that are written by a historian about Sirame Khel. They will be entered into the grand library of Dragur upon the event of Tide Falkmoor’s death or that of the order. (OOC: so you can't use this information until Tide Falkmoor has died) On the 15th of the deep cold, 1780, Sirame Khel was founded. There was no fanfare or celebration. This order would forever hide in the shadows, protecting itself from prying eyes. At the time there were only three dark elves whose only connection was their hope for the future and their belief in the honor of
  9. TideFalkmoor


    Tide Falkmoor was born on the 5th day of Malin’s Welcome, 1698. When he was still a baby, his people left the realm of Atlas. As a result, the only realm that Tide remembers is Arcas. Tide grew up in the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. His father was a member of the Vanvir clan. His father followed the religion of the Kervira. While he was young, his father, a strict dark elf by the name of Norn, taught Tide to respect him and his ancestors. Norn Falkmoor was a well-known elf that wished above all else to retain and grow his families honor and reputation. He would promote an image i
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