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    Gill Danrell was born in an old run down house full of dirt in the New Lands. His parents spent all they could to get food and necessity’s for their child. His parents where, Lincoln and Debra Danrell. Gill, who grew in a run down neighborhood tried to help the other kids as much as he could. He often shared his food and money with the other kids. However that would be in vain, as they all died of a disease. their parents didn't have the money for the treatment they needed. Gill didn’t get sick, it was a miracle. His parents died at this time from the same disease, too. Gill was only 12 when this happened. He buried them himself. At this time he had developed a taste for adventure. he constantly walked around the woods. At age 14 he was able to get a job at a farm. He worked there until he was 19. He had saved up enough money to travel to Middle-Earth. He had boarded a ship to take him there. it took till he was 21 to reach middle earth.
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