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  1. Donkey_Muffin


    Desmond was born in the city of Reza. His mother and father both grew up in Helena, but later moved to Reza for a change of scene. His father worked in the fields, farming wheat for the town, often taking Desmond out into the fields. desmond still calls that place his home, but he has decided to split out for himself. He now works as a freelancer, travelling, looking for work. He has an ambition to own a donkey, to help with the load of his wares. He decided to be a freelancer because his sister was one, and he had always looked up to her. her name was Ivy, and she was 5 years older than him. He had a dog named Rudolph, so he has a particular fondness for them. he lived in a small brick house on the outskirts of town in his childhood. Due to error here is my Powergaming: To have unrealistically unfair strength or dexterity or something like that. An example is if you say i shoot him in the chest, peircing his heart, it would have to be changed to I aim for his chest, because you can not have an "instant death'
  2. Donkey_Muffin


    he was born in a forest cabin, and lived there until he was 25. He was cursed by a witch because she though he was a nobleperson, and he was turned into a fox//human hybrid, he was then given to a church because his parents wanted him to have a better life with a kind priest. when the priest died, a new one arrive, and looked down on kai because of his looks, so Kai stuck his own in the world. He began work as a hunter, but that did not pay enough, so he decided, because of his excellent hunting skills with his expanded senses, he should be a bounty hunter.
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