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    Was born as an elf and was expected to die pretty early on due to bad health and weakness. Grew up anyway causing my parents to work hard in order to provide for me. My father was a hunter and ex-soldier and my mother was a medicine-woman. I managed to make friends pretty easily and made them laugh enough that I was liked plenty. I wanted to join the rest of my friends and join the elfin army but I was rejected due to my overall weakness. My father began to train me in hunting to take my mind off of the recent failure but my skill with a bow was so terrible that I couldn’t even get a good mark on a trapped deer.. So I had to settle for making small snares to trap rabbits and picking herbs for medicine. I was out drinking one day when a guy left his lute at the bar, I went to hand it to him but by the time I reached him he had fallen down a flight of stairs and broken his arms so I simply kept it. As soon as I started to fiddle with it and play it I became ecstatic with the sensation. I wasn’t bothered to learn to play properly and just settled for making nice sounds with it. I had a few jigs here and there and ended up playing in a religious orchestra which began my fascination with religion. I ended up studying theocracy and became enraptured with the lore and dieties. But after one drinks too many and probably someone adding a little something to my glass I began rambling on and on about theocracy to the point where I started saying things that weren’t even true about the scriptures, needless to say this permanently altered my brain chemistry slightly. This became a bad habit and eventually I annoyed everyone so much I was kicked out of the Onyx sanctuary. I was given my fathers chainmail, which I have worn to the point where I feel anxious without it, and a new lute and I was sent on my way. I now travel the world from the dark wilds to the highest peaks. Along the way I made enough jokes to some tailors that they made me my current garb. I still wander the winding roads and pathways until I find true enlightenment or happiness.
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