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    The tale of Siola Vern begins with no paternal love. On the outskirts of Siramenor, a young and foolish mother gave birth to a baby she did not want and one that was taboo. The mother took the baby deep into the forest, somewhere so dense with vegetation that the baby's cries could not be heard from afar. She placed the forbidden infant in a hollowed-out tree stump, ran away and left it to die. The child would have no doubt died... if it wasn't for an old elf that called himself Avernis. The elderly, yet surprisingly agile elf, heard a faint cry as he swung on vines in the forest. The elf followed his worn, sometimes unreliable ears until he finally found the source of the noise. There in a stump he found a baby, who he took in and cared for as if it were his own. He named the baby Vern, a name he derived from his own. Avernis had experienced the Malinorian Crusades, where many of his brethren had died. To escape the tragedies of his past, he found solitude in the beauty and peace of the forest. He could now share this beauty and peace with someone else, Vern. Avernis had gained great knowledge of the forest, and shared everything he knew with the growing Vern. The old elf never shared anything about what lied beyond the forest to Vern, he wanted to keep the boy pure and sheltered from harm. Vern soon grew into a strong and enduring young Wood Elf, able to survive amongst the trees like it was second nature. Avernis also grew... older and weaker. 20 was the age of Vern when his foster father passed away. Vern buried the wise and caring elf among the roots of the biggest tree he could find. Vern thought that Avernis's big and lively heart deserved an equally big and lively tree. Though Vern was happy to see his master pass on in such a peaceful state, he could not help but feel very disheartened by the fact that he had lost the only family or person in his life. There was still his mother, but he couldn't remember anything about her. Her appearance, name and anything about her were a mystery. Vern would have to get used to being alone. Three years had passed since Avernis's death. In that time, Vern had learnt to embrace the fact he was alone. He came to love the total isolation and peace. It was just him and the trees. The forest gave him everything he needed. Berries and creeks to sustain his hunger and thirst, a dense forest canopy to protect him from the weather and the beautiful vegetation to keep him happy and content with life. Vern had now even given himself another name to express his acceptance of the solitary life: Siola Vern. He was the lone wanderer of the forest... that was until he was no longer alone... One day Siola Vern had grown bored of the region of the forest he resided within. He decided to explore the far reaches of the trees, further than he had ever gone before. This resulted in him meeting the first living beings he had ever seen, apart from his mother and Avern. These beings were The Sulier’ir, Wood Elf Rangers from Siramenor. Unsure if Siola Vern was a threat or not, the Sulier’ir knocked him unconscious to take back to the village to see what the Okar’ir thought of him. Siola Vern awaits to open his eyes and see what is beyond the forest...
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