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    Grazius would be a child of a Witcher Father and a tavern owner Mother. Grazius used to be the only child thus being spoiled at both ways. His father always wanted him to work as a witcher to hunt for monsters and such and to be a strong fellow man to protect his country, whilst his mother always wanted him to be a successful businessman, by being a well-known travelling merchant or atleast a Tavern owner just like her. His education used to be in a hunting school being trained by his father himself, thus he graduated and has mastered basic combat and defense, however he is trying his best to improve always. He used to be stubborn about being a businessman since he always chose adventure over wealth. One day, him and his parents got into a fight about a trouble he caused in the bar once to the point he fed up from being always controlled over them, so he decided to travel for weeks, maybe months until he randomly stopped by some tavern in which some bartender and him talked about life for a while, and Grazius suggested which town would be the best incase you wanted to start an adventure. The bartender pondered for a while before giving him a response about some city in a distant land where you can find such adventure, especially in the nations of Norland, Haelunor and Urguan, ever since, Grazius would travel days and nights until one day he settled successfully.
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