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    Born into a street vendors family. From childhood he studied trade and blacksmith. His father taught him how to cheat correctly, and his mother taught him how to manage finances and keeps books. When he turned 18, he left my father's house and went on a 20 years long adventure. Helena was the first target of his adventure. A big city with great opportunities, here people, like he, are bound to succeed. Alas, he had to leave this city after a not very pleasant story with local churchmen's. Initially He was suspected of either a heretic or Godlessness. But after several donations and methodical greetings to a couple of clerics, He was able to dissuade them. Even One of the preachers in one of his sermons set him up as an example of correct correction, which attracted me new customers, and therefore, new money. True, He soon had to leave the city when the clerics, having heard enough about his “correction”, wanted to make him a priest, and competitors began to look for any evidence against him. After that, he collected all his savings and assembled his own caravan. He traded exclusively where there were wars, not hesitating to trade with two parties at once, deliberately prolonging the conflict. Things were going well, too well. And envious competitors tried to get rid of him by ambushing his main caravan. He managed to escape from the battlefield to a neighboring village. He vaguely knew where he was and how to get out of here. also, he had nothing with him and somehow he is needed to get money. For some time he works as a local blacksmith, accumulates some money and goes as far as possible from those lands
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