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    As a young boy, Norro never really got to see his father, yes he had his mother, but something was missing without his dad. Norro's mother, works as a florist. Selling her flowers that she grows at home. Norro's father, On the other hand, works as a trader. Around the age of 14, they young boy ventured out to the forest, soon to find a city, or village(he didn't know at the time) called Aegrothond. He didn't stay there for long, but he would love one day to go there for longer. Norro has interests in art, and geography, hoping to explore and learn about the races that live here. Soon the young boy turned 19, a left to find his father. Whilst looking for him, he needed a way to make a small amount of currency, taking a job of a trading, like his father. (Around this time he dyed his hair) He would sell his goods that he find while exploring, and trying to get the most money he could. He would would sometime send his mother note to her how he was doing. He currently lives in Helena. He has a small hut on the outskirts of the town. One day, he wishes to get a pet raven or a dog, either would fit his wishes. Often he goes to the forest to look for things, and nik-naks. Norro has no love interest at the moment. he still has yet to find his father...
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