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    Irig had a hard childhood living in the war nation of krugmar food was scarce and he was expected to pull his weight from an early age if he was expected to live to see maturity. His mother killed by elves or so his farther told him. He had many tough trials growing up but he was always taught to not let his emotions get in the way. His farther always told him he was of clan Raguk, This didnt mean much to irig growing up so isolated. Irigs farther was a blacksmith and tried to teach him the ways but he truly doubts he will ever live up to be like his farther. Irig moved from his homeland of krugmar seeking a better life with more of his own kind. Only knowing few orcs, his farther who stayed in his homeland of krugmar. It was a tough decision for him to leave his farther. As he was reaching maturity at aged 9 His farther taught him the art of combat the only skill irig knows. horrible whistles come from him when he speaks due to his broken tusk one of his defeats on the battlefield brought this terrible ‘curse’ along with his hideous scar over his left eye it makes him a hideous sight . After seeing battle many times he believes himself to be a true warrior however he know fighting off bandits in his homeland will not get him any recognition. He lives by a simple code to preserve his traditions passed down through generations and become a true warrior. He has always been taught to protect his nation no matter where that may be. He lives by every word his farther said to him. He does care much for “good or bad” and tries to read every person for himself and make his own judgments. Being an orc he is often seen as stupid but when it comes to putting together a fine war axe not many come close. he's been travelling for many years but has he found where he belongs?
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