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    Beolasan was born in Haeuln’or, the first born of his two parents. He was raised to be a proper thill, and always desired to learn more about the world around him. He had a pretty normal education and lived as a peaceful citizen in the city. His father was a trader in the city. His mother was a bartender. One day ,however, everything changed. Things went from good to bad. When he was around 20, his mother was caught with a wood elf, and was banished after being sprayed into acid. Beolasan was heartbroken and began to lash out, so he left haeulnor and headed for sutica in order to figure out if he truly wished to continue to be a thill. in the back of her mind he feared his fate should he return, as he knew what happened to most high elfs who become unpure. He hid within Sutica for several months, before attempting to come home. He came home to find his father had died during a raid. It felt as if his world had fallen apart. He returned once more to sutica where he tried to figure out where to go from there. Deep inside ,however, He wishes to return to the silver state of Haeulnor to be safe once again. While he looked for a place to call home, he traveled all across Arcas and tried to learn all that he could.
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