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    Having been abandoned to the orphanage of a small human town, I never knew my parents. I was adopted by one of the poor farming and smithing families. They took me in, and shared their livelihood with me. By the time I was 10 I was working as hard as my body could take, developing callouses and muscles. As I grew up, and my parents grew old, I started to have more and more on my plate. In a desperate hope to make more money and save what my family had, I took lessons from masons, and tinkerers, and scholars. I came to learn of a great archive called the eternal library. However I soon found out that I was not meant to do this. Just months after my character started and turned 22, he lost my mother to age and my father became out of touch. As a result, I took over the farm full time. I decided to stay for a few years. A few months before my 25th birthday, I decided to set off and find where I belonged in the world. Maybe even find those who abandoned me, but that was and is highly unlikely, especially after these long years. For now, my first stop is the city of Sutica. From there I will find where his place is, depending on where fate takes me.
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