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  1. I honestly never post anything on the forums but what the actual **** is this? Staff replies in you can still play your snelf, the culture blablabla, but damn it is NOT the same. They say we lack unique traits and lore but EVERYTIME we tried to comission lore to make us different it is DENIED. The hate to snow elves has been here since the beginning and we literally started to come alive again after the former lead literally f*cked us over? Besides everytime we get snelven players they are 1 or getting lead to the human nations 2 they are being convinced that playing a snelf is bad? what the hec did you guys expect us to do if everything was made impossible? And we STILL lived in the Fennic Conclave which was rebuilding everything over again? The fact thay staff pulled the plug without hesitation is just on conclusion Lame and Upsetting. I wouldn’t find it suprising if everyone just gave up and went to LF instead. And I totally agree with the others, If The human subraces are so called on the same level of us, why do they still exist and the Snow Elves not? NeonStarlight >:/
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