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  1. A particular elf looked upon the bird, taking up the missive and deftly reading over its contents. Sighing softly, he shook his head and tossed it into the nearest flame, before setting back to his own studies.
  2. Paris Langren looks upon the missive, reading over its contents once more. Deftly would he take up his quill, saturating it in red ink and placing his mark upon the parchment. "A new path. A hopeful path." With this, the elf would pass the parchment along to the next of table.
  3. A poet of wander views the missive "A perilous journey is it; One that is wrought in tyranny, and slicked with inherent unawareness. But doubly so is it cast, upon two villains of each other's stories. This....shall be interesting."
  4. A particular elven sir takes up the notice, looking over it duly. A soft smirk adorns his lips, his head coming to shake lightly. "Help is naught, if one does not choose to accept it." The man then crumbles the parchment within his grasp, tossing it into his flame; more fuel for the inferno.
  5. A particular elf would take up the flyer, looking over the guests invited with some smile curling his lip. "This should be good." He states, folding and pocketing it as he heads home to fetch his vintage.
  6. I absolutely adore this lore. Mega +1. I think it has the draw and lore backing necessary to out-do wonks and the stereotype of memes. You can 100% count on a musin coming from myself. (Always been a fan of rp niche over power, regardless. The same goes for sprites.)
  7. Silas Astasel would look over the notice with a light exhale "If only matters were that simple.." Afterward, he folds the parchment and places it within his robe. He has manners to discuss.
  8. Silas Astasel would read over the missive with quite some intrigue. "I suppose the true trials of purity shall now commence." After this, he folds the letter neatly and places it within a drawer.
  9. Silas Astasel reads over the letter with little more than a smirk. He tosses it aside. Big things are in motion.
  10. @latteTMas much as I need. Don't worry about it. IGN: ThatTromboneGuySkins: CottageCoreDiscord: ThatTromboneGuy#4982Bid: 100
  11. IGN: ThatTromboneGuySkins: CottageCoreDiscord: ThatTromboneGuy#4982Bid: 80
  12. IGN: ThatTromboneGuySkins: CottageCoreDiscord: ThatTromboneGuy#4982Bid: 50
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