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    Mem Hecanen

    Mem was the second born of two kind people in a town in the Meranesian Islands . His parents are part of the Tuvati people, but he and his older brother, Tye, were taken away to be sailors by their uncle when they were very young. This resulted in their expansive sailing knowledge, but a limited understanding of their culture. Tye, was his best friend and role model during his formative years. Mem and Tye loved sailing the first time they set foot on a tiny vessel with their uncle. They set foot on the tiny vessel and felt the wind in their hair as the deck rolled with the waves. The excitement they felt was simply that of children experiencing something for the first time, but the rush of wind in their hair as they picked up speed made them feel like they never had before. The wind gave them the rush, but the thing that bound them to the sea was the horizon. They saw the horizon and wanted to meet it. That is the thing that drove their desire for years. They soon began sailing on a larger vessel with their uncle and his crew. This is where Mem met, Korbtal Balgrush. Their uncle met Korbtal at Talon’s Grotto where he made a bet with the friendly Uruk. Their uncle was bested in door ripping, a contest where you see who can rip a door off its hinges the fastest. Korbtal’s wish for his prize was to join the crew, where he quickly became Quartermaster. Korbtal’s friendship with Mem soon became just as treasured as his bond with Tye. They spent many years sailing the seas as privateers. They usually ran goods, made the occasional rescue, and had a lovely that was coveted for wedding ceremonies. Mem grew to feel like the freedom of the ocean was the greatest thing and that he was invincible. Their uncle retired and Tye became the captain. Tragedy struck when a storm much like any they had ever seen before descending upon their vessel. Mem is unsure of what exactly transpired because during the thrashing of the ship he was knocked unconscious. He awoke to a man pulling him from the sea. He blames himself for the loss of the entire crew, including Tye and Korbtal. He thinks that he could have done something if he hadn’t been knocked out. Damien, the man who pulled him from the sea, graciously became his traveling companion. Mem quickly found that he had an overwhelming fear of the sea. A fear that he had never before felt. He just didn’t know that this fear was actually the fear of mortality itself. The fear of death being able to take away what you love.
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