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  1. Elisabeth Louise grabs a pen from the table beside her. The princess would try to write her name correctly; the writing ends up very rugged and barely readable. She'd sign HIH Elisabeth Louise.
  2. Elisabeth Louise reads the pamphlet, understanding half the words. She assumes Anna is being called fat. She'd look over to her cousin, then back at the pamphlet, "Well I've seen Anna, she's pretty big."
  3. Elisebeth Louise looks up to Wihelmina, noticing she's in shock. The girl would mimic her, not knowing what was going on.
  4. Auction close :) @Carsonmessage me! niya#0001
  5. Elisabeth Louise reads the letters only understanding a few words, Adabelle reads it to her. The small girl still doesn't understand, but is in shock because everyone else is.
  6. Adderall’s SKIN Auction Hi, dis is my first skin auction. I’ve been skinning for a couple of months and I wanted to share my talents. Rules: Bidding starts at 30 Mina and has to increase by 10 Mina. (or starting at 3 dollars increasing by 1 dollar.) If someone outbids you and you want to continue to bid on the skin, make a new comment and you can not edit the old one. You MUST be able to pay for each skin you bid on right after the closure of the auction. Each bid must be in the following format: Skin: Bid: Discord: Auct
  7. @devvy Aquarius and Capricorn rising @MyNameIsMason Aquarius
  8. @froeggy A libra. @zuziee Virgo, and for your rising a Capricorn.
  9. @Proddy Gemini. @CalZium Nah I'm right
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